8 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses You Should Be Supporting

Here are 8 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses curated from our retail community.

8 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses You Should Be Supporting

Here are 8 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses curated from our retail community. We must say, we absolutely love these Founders and their fashion businesses.

1.Statement Piece NY

8 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses You Should Be SupportingSheri Andrews, Statement Piece NY

I am Sheri Andrews, the Founder of Statement Piece NY, a new boutique based out of Brooklyn, NY. I am an Emergency Room Doctor and had to serve as a front line employee during COVID19. The intention was to launch March 15th 2020 but COVID19 broke loose. Recognizing the impact of COVID19 on not only the health of our community but the economy, launch was held off. Although my launch was pushed a few months later, I launched on May 12th 2020. That was the day I broke the internet with a whopping 25 sales in one day!

New York kept my spirit filled with confidence that I know my business will be alright! I do 100% of the work and I’m loving it, so far!

Instagram: @statementpieceny


2.Sweet Resists

8 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses You Should Be SupportingNikita Bonner Lewis, Sweet Resists

I am Nikita Bonner Lewis, CEO of Sweet Resists a new Lash and Headwrap business based in London. Sweet Resists was created to make women feel good and confident about themselves. Sweet resists aims to make women feel good about themselves through our good quality and affordable products.

Our Head-wraps come in different patterns and materials made out of Satin. Our head-wraps are not only provided to our SR women for ‘bad hair days’ but we treat our head wraps as another way of styling your crown. Our beautiful Empress Lash collection caters for women who want to embrace both natural and dramatic looks. We also ensure we provide good quality lashes which are vegan friendly.

Instagram: @sweetresists


3.Fit and Female Active

8 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses You Should Be SupportingTiffany Forte, Fit and Female Active

 I am Tiffany Forte, the owner and Creative Director of Fit and Female Active, an activewear line for women. We offer a full line of leggings, tops, sports bras, shorts, and everything else you can think of to crush your workout and leave you feeling STRONG. MOTIVATED. & HAPPY.

How you choose to “active” is just fine. We are body inclusive and believe that we are creating a community that welcomes all body types and fitness levels!

Instagram: @fitandfemaleactive


4. Girl Hi Boutique

8 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses You Should Be SupportingShanae Kidd, Girl Hi Boutique

I am Shanae Kidd, I am a Project Manager in education by day and a boutique owner of Girl Hi Boutique by passion. Creating a women’s online store has been a dream of mine for as far back as I can remember. I grew up super shy, quiet, and full of self doubt and lack of confidence. As I have grown into the woman I am today, it’s still a journey of mine to love myself more, but wow have I grown and now see the value of confidence!

I am a self love slayer and I want to make other women feel good, see the value in themselves, and love themselves hard. I am starting this wish by providing clothing that is uniquely selected so that women can put on that outfit and feel damn good in it cause it always starts from within.

Girl Hi Boutique believes in the power of girl power!

Instagram: @girlhiboutique



8 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses You Should Be SupportingEmani Sims, Taurae

 I am Emani Sims,  the owner of TAURAE! We’re an online boutique who caters to women seeking a coexistence between maturing their style and staying unique, and desire to be subtle yet bold with their style choices while discovering pieces that match their vibe at any given time.

We’re super excited for our next collection!

Instagram: @shoptaurae



8 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses You Should Be SupportingLALA TRIPS

I’m LALA TRIPS, a fashion creative based in Los Angeles, California. I’ve worked in women’s luxury contemporary retail for 14 years in styling, visual merchandising and sales. I’ve worked for big box companies such as Neiman Marcus, INTERMIX and Anthropologie. I am a stylist, visual merchandiser and creative.

Currently, I am offering services for virtual wardrobing and interior decorating. If anyone is interested in retail business coaching, I am available for sessions as well.

Instagram: @LALATRIPS


7.Prihsi Collectionz

8 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses You Should Be SupportingPriscilla Sarkodie, Prihsi Collectionz

I am Priscilla Sarkodie, a Ghanaian who owns Prihsi Collectionz e-commerce brand based in the United Kingdom. I am always on the grind of being the best version of myself by working hard and always on the hustle.

I am Priscilla, I own a Beauty and Jewellery online store called Prihsi Collectionz in the United Kingdom.

Instagram: @prihsicollectionz_



8 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses You Should Be SupportingTife Ave, Okikisola

I am Tife Ave, I run an online retail marketplace called Okikisola that curates beauty, fashion and lifestyle products from Africa. We launched July 31st 2020.

Instagram: @okikisola


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