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BlockBar Launches World’s First Direct to Consumer NFT Marketplace for Wines & Spirits

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BlockBar Launches World’s First Direct to Consumer NFT Marketplace for Wines & Spirits

BlockBar the world’s first direct-to-consumer NFT marketplace for luxury wine and spirits products, is excited to announce its record-breaking sale of Hennessy·8 – a cognac masterpiece and a tribute to eight generations of Master Blenders.

Purchased by Angry Pitbull Club (APC) for 66.49 ETH ($226,450 USD), Hennessy’s first-ever NFT collection consists of both digital and physical assets, which were sold as a dual drop of carafes 1/250 and 250/250 respectively.

The sale within the crypto community further emphasizes BlockBar’s mission to make luxury spirits more accessible.

Sam Falic, Co-Founder and President of exclaims, “We bring spirits to all demographics, we’re democratizing the traditional spirits industry and allowing everyone, anywhere in the world, to participate. This is revolutionary and something that could not have been done before, and we expect to see an uptick in high-end spirits investments. We feel we are introducing the younger demographic to luxury spirits and the older demographic to NFTs. It’s a dream come true to see a community consisting of a younger demographic purchase this NFT directly from the brand.”

The cryptographic version is being held securely by, with a record of authenticity held on the blockchain as a digital certificate of ownership. APC is choosing to keep the physical product at BlockBar’s secure storage facility and not trade the NFT versions on the marketplace.

“Because the Angry Pitbull Club owners are longtime fans of Hennessy, purchasing the first-ever Hennessy NFT simply made sense for the brand. We bought into this project out of pure love and a desire to hold it as an asset to benefit the NFT community,” says NFTqueen, a founder of Angry Pitbull Club.

Angry Pitbull Club, which is also owned by groundbreaking meme pages funnyhoodvidz and hoodville, was inspired by its owners’ love of their pet pitbulls. The Club takes digital art to new levels by incorporating charitable pursuits into their community. In late December 2021, APC donated 10% of its mint sales ($276,513.96 in ETH) to Best Friends Animal Society.

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APC was built from the longstanding grassroots support of its fans and followers. From providing spaces on its channels to discuss mental health and offering NFT education to extending exclusive benefits to its holders, the Club offers a community like no other.

The sale was exclusively offered through, known for partnering with premier global wine and spirits brands including Glenfiddich, Royal Salute, The Dalmore and Penfolds. For additional information on BlockBar please visit