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Burberry Debuts Spectacular Popup Store In Korea

Burberry Debuts Spectacular Popup Store In Korea

Burberry’s Imagined Landscape pop-up in Jeju Island, Korea.

The first immersive brand experience in Jeju showcases our latest outerwear silhouettes whilst blurring the lines between nature and technology, the indoors and outdoors, the real and the imagined.

Visitors are surrounded by cinematic films celebrating the outdoors, as a social experience in partnership with TikTok creates a scene filled with sharks across the sky.

As part of our ongoing commitment to lead positive environmental change for a more sustainable future, we will support the continuing preservation of Jeju Island through a five-year partnership with the non-profit organisation Jeju Olle Foundation. We will invest in maintaining the island’s scenic trails to allow continued and safe access for the public while supporting waste elimination programmes to help preserve the island’s natural beauty.

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