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Canadian-Born Retailer Ardene Celebrates 40 Years In Business

Canadian-Born Retailer Ardene Celebrates 40 Years In Business

Canadian-Born Retailer Ardene Celebrates 40 Years In Business

North American fashion retailer, Ardene, known for decades as the go-to spot for trendy clothing, footwear, and accessories, has unveiled its latest campaign for the back-to-school season and the message is clear: bring authentic energy to everything you do.

“We have a lot to celebrate right now, even as the world around us changes. During the pandemic, Ardene surpassed 40 years in business, which made us reflect on what keeps us tuned in and growing after so much time,” says Ardene’s Head of Marketing, Kelly Solti. “And the answer to that is our energy and our people. When you build teams that motivate, support, and listen to each other, the energy is real. We wanted to share that with our customers and invite them on that journey. That was the inspiration behind the campaign.” To bring it to life, Ardene hired a genuine group of friends from their hometown of Montréal “to capture the magic that happens when you’re surrounded by people who uplift you.”

Despite challenges brought on by COVID-19 for close to two and a half years, Ardene has continued to bolster its retail footprint and store design (with total store square footage up by 25% from just a few years ago). And with new investments in, the Ardene app, and a refreshed customer rewards program coming soon, the company has continued to develop its omnichannel offering. Today, Ardene reaches over 2 million people across its social channels, including a 55% jump in followers on TikTok in 2022, where it has caught the attention of its core Gen Z demographic.

Ardene has also grown steadily into a global organization with over 300 stores across North America, including 35 in the U.S. and a dozen in the Middle East. Within the last year alone, Ardene opened ten new stores in the U.S., expanding its reach across the Northeast and down to Florida, where the brand’s colorful vibe fits in with the state’s sunny weather.

From a product standpoint, Ardene has been elevating its assortment for some time and has maintained relevance and cachet among shoppers. Most recently, the brand expanded its offering to include collections with local brand collaborators, Men’s apparel, Curve and extended sizes, an eco-conscious capsule, and more.

Although Ardene’s transformation began to take root in the pre-pandemic days, shoppers are noticing the most recent changes, which online supporters have fondly referred to as a glow up. “All the best glow ups come from the inside out,” says Solti in reference to the online comments, “whether it’s our teams or our customers, it’s about staying true to ourselves, not holding back, and being vibrant. Be who you are and support each other – that’s the key to success – that’s the energy!”

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