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Credo Beauty Partners With Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty

Credo Beauty Partners With Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty

Credo Beauty Partners With Conscious Beauty At Ulta Beauty

A leading clean beauty retail chain, Credo Beauty was founded in 2014 by Annie Jackson and Cynthia Besteman. With its core expertise in merchandising, branding private label, and omnichannel retail, Credo Beauty has established itself as a pioneer in the clean beauty industry. The company’s mission is to set the most demanding standards for clean beauty products, ensuring that all beauty will one day be clean beauty.

In an effort to bring clean beauty to everyone, Credo Beauty has partnered with Ulta Beauty, a popular beauty retailer in the United States. Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty™ is an initiative that empowers customers with transparency and choice, allowing them to identify clean, cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainably-packaged brands and products. Launched in October 2020, Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty™ focuses on five pillars: clean ingredients, sustainability, vegan, cruelty-free, and social impact.

Credo Beauty’s partnership with Ulta Beauty allows the company to share its clean beauty standards, knowledge, and ingredient safety with a wider audience. By offering over 130 brands and more than 2,000 best-in-clean products, Credo Beauty aims to be a welcoming space for all beauty lovers. The company’s commitment to clean beauty goes beyond just ingredients; it also encompasses ethical practices, sustainable packaging, and transparency.

The concept of conscious beauty has gained traction in recent years as consumers become more mindful about their consumption habits. At its core, conscious beauty involves taking a thoughtful approach to beauty routines and examining a brand’s actions and beliefs to ensure they align with personal values. This includes choosing organic products, eco-friendly options, and cruelty-free items.

Credo Beauty’s partnership with Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty™ is a significant step forward in promoting clean and conscious beauty practices. By offering a wide range of clean beauty products and adhering to strict standards, Credo Beauty and Ulta Beauty are making it easier for consumers to make informed choices about the products they use, ultimately benefiting both people and the planet.