Fashion Retailer, Zara Launches Brand New Zara Beauty arm

Zara announced today their brand new Zara Beauty – inclusive cosmetics line with a full range of eye shadow palettes and refillable lipsticks.

@zara said in a statement that their goal was inclusivity. “Our ambition was to create a collection that anyone, regardless of gender, skin color, age, or personal style will want to use.“

“Somebody that wants a classic, softer makeup look can find their products, and somebody that’s more experimental can find the colors they need to create that, too,” adding “we wanted to appeal to everybody.”

Zara is betting on the anticipated rush of shoppers once the pandemic subsides and people will want to really get back to putting on makeup and going out.

What are your thoughts on #ZaraBeauty ? Will you be shopping for makeup from the fashion retailer, or will you stick to @Sephora ?

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