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First ever game-changing smart perfume ‘NINU’ finally launched

First ever game-changing smart perfume ‘NINU’ finally launched

First Ever Game-Changing Smart Perfume ‘Ninu’ Finally Launched

NINU Perfume has launched its game-changing perfume on Kickstarter. Adjust the scent of this customizable fragrance through a smartphone app. 

NINU is a breath of fresh air in the traditional perfume industry and received THE MOST INNOVATIVE PERFUME PRODUCT OF 2021 award. This hi-tech perfume is a simple innovation that enables you to tailor it to match your mood and occasion. Perfect for a special event or to boost your energy, NINU is the best choice. 

Reasons why this perfume is a game-changer:

  • This is the first 100-in-1 fragrance bottle controlled with an AI-powered App in the world
  • Is the ultimate perfume PERSONALISATION…in the palm of your hand
  • Has the highest quality fragrance
  • Earth-friendly to reduce the 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste in the beauty industry
  • Has a high-end Italian design
  • Is reinventing fragrance as we know it

The founder of NINU, Marko Matijević, said they BELIEVE perfumes should follow your lifestyle and that wearing the same perfume every day and everywhere is like wearing the same pants every day to all occasions.

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