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GENDR Cosmetics Launches All-Inclusive, Gender-Neutral Beauty Brand

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GENDR Cosmetics Launches All-Inclusive, Gender-Neutral Beauty Brand

GENDR Cosmetics an all-inclusive luxury beauty brand, is pleased to announce the launch of its line of products for the eyes, lips, and face, available for purchase online today.

With new product drops planned seasonally, the brand is currently offering climate-adaptive foundation for all skin colors, and eyeshadow palettes that range from neutral to neon. It also features long-lasting organic lipstick made with rich antioxidants like jojoba, avocado, and coconut oils designed to deeply nourish and moisturize.

Additional products include concealers, highlighters, setting powders, eyeliners, brow pencils, lip liners, eyelashes, makeup brushes, and more. Product prices range from $8 to $60.

Founded by fashion industry veterans N’Kele McNeil and Ginger Vickrey, GENDR was developed as a way to make beauty products and tools approachable to consumers of all races and genders.

“We wanted to create a next generation brand that doesn’t mask people’s individual beauty, but celebrates it,” said McNeil. “Pop culture already reflects the blurring of gender lines and the changing attitude towards masculinity, femininity, and self-expression. As we step into 2022, we think it is the perfect time to launch GENDR which is really just focused on giving people the tools to be their most authentic selves.”

Additionally, in an effort to bring awareness to minority and LGBTQIA creative communities, GENDR will showcase individuals’ art, products, and causes, on their website, social media, and during event activations.

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“We apply our inclusive philosophy not only to our products, but in the people we hire, the faces you see in our marketing, and all the opportunities we will offer through our collaborations with artists and entrepreneurs,” said Vickrey. “We want to give back to the community by sharing the stories of creatives that come from all walks of life. Our goal is to build a brand that reflects the beautiful, diverse world that we live in today and want to build upon for future generations.”

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