Kevin Hart Launches Premium Tequila Brand

KH Hero

Comedian, entertainer and businessman Kevin Hart and 11th generation tequila producer Juan Domingo Beckmann, announce their highly anticipated new tequila brand, Gran Coramino™. In a true marriage of Beckmann’s generational tequila-making knowledge, and Kevin Hart’s unrelenting passion to introduce a high-quality tequila to a new community of tequila drinkers, Gran Coramino debuts with one of the smoothest Reposado Cristalinos on the market.

Partnering with Kevin Hart has been an incredible experience. Kevin is an engaged entrepreneur who understands the hard work that goes into creating success,” said James Morrissey, Founder & CEO of Global Brand Equities. “When Kevin and I first started talking about the category of tequila, we both shared the common vision to bring higher levels of quality and innovation to the wider consumer. Kevin has been a truly hands-on partner in every aspect of this venture, and he has worked extensively with us to create something wholly authentic. Being able to partner with Juan Domingo Beckmann in the tequila category is a true honor for us. There is nobody who knows the business better than Juan Domingo, and this long-term relationship has helped us realize our vision to bring Gran Coramino to the world.

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