Meet Co-founders of Whipped Lash NY at CosmeCon LA

Meet co-founder Jennifer Leveque and Edson Estime of Whipped Lash NY

Whipped Lash Premium Silk Magnetic Eyelashes was co-founded by couple entrepreneurs Jennifer Leveque and Edson Estime, providing a safe and affordable alternative to this new hot beauty trend.  We have bundles for women who are natural makeup lovers and bundles for women who love the full glamorous look (13mm to 25mm in length).

Regardless of your preference, Jennifer & Edson are empowering women to learn how to apply lashes themselves that will look like they were professionally done. They inspire women to seek safer and healthier options for everyday use.

“Whipped Lash New York Inc. is a beauty brand that created a vegan and cruelty-free alternative to harsh glue adhesives and the tedious process associated with eyelash extensions. We want women to preserve their health and lashes by staying away from mink eyelashes and harsh glue adhesives. Our magnetic liquid eyeliner is applied as usual eyeliner, and the magnetic lash is placed over it. It is literally that simple. Anyone can do it themselves from the comfort of their home without spilling or making a mess and lashes can be easily removed after a full day’s wear and stored for reuse. Each pair of magnetic eyelashes can be used over 30 times! Our magnetic eyelashes are safe and our products glue-free design won’t irritate your eyes or damage your natural lashes– can’t say that about other lash extensions, said Ms. Leveque.”

Photo Courtesy of Whipped Lash NY; Jennifer Leveque (left), Edson Estime (right)

Jennifer Leveque received her bachelor’s degree in Integrated Neuroscience from Binghamton University and her master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences at Drexel University College of Medicine. She has 10+ years of clinical research and pharmaceutical industry experience. Jennifer works for a biotech company and clinical research organization (CRO), managing clinical studies and bringing forth positive and timely trial results for FDA submission. She helps achieve each of her clinical research teams’ goals and is passionate and enthusiastic about drug development and research in oncology and ophthalmology therapeutic areas. 

Edson Estime is a certified Diesel Technician, trained by the New York Automotive & Diesel Institute the College of Transportation Technology in Queens, New York. Edson also received his Commercial Driver’s License and other endorsements in New York State. He has worked for notable companies like DeLorean, Tesla, and Ryder to name a few, making him an expert on performing vehicle maintenance, repairs, and safety inspections on specialty, electric, and diesel engines. Edson is a self-motivated entrepreneur and excellent communicator, which allowed him to launch his own business, Tripside Transport LLC, a local transportation, and delivery company based on Long Island, New York. 

What is your brand story?

“During the shutdown stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were all stuck at home finding new and creative ways to do our hair, and our nails; eyelash extensions were no exception. I gave in and scheduled an appointment for a classic set of individual lash extensions. They were beautiful and had me feeling really confident, but my eyes are so sensitive and irritated that I absolutely needed to take them off. The current beauty standard calls for eyelash extensions, except many of the options available to women are costly, require regular maintenance, and cause extensive damage to the natural lash line. Many women wear false eyelashes to enhance the lashes they already have, only to be left with less of their natural eyelashes than what they started with before extensions. 

The vision for our brand was born on a weekend trip to South Beach Miami, Florida. Edson and I were getting ready for dinner one night, and for once I was done getting ready before him. He’s watched me struggle with glue lashes in the past, so I told him about the set of magnetic eyelashes I purchased off of Amazon and showed him how they worked. 

“We should start a business”, were his next words. We spent the rest of that weekend talking about our new company and outlining our core values. There were no eyelash companies that were 100% vegan and cruelty-free and were applied using a magnetic eyeliner so we made that our mission. 

With a background in ophthalmic (eye) research and the many conditions that affect eye health and vision, I was never excited about the thought of using glue adhesive to my eyelashes or lashes made with animal fur, but with the growing demand for eyelash extensions and my desire to keep up with beauty trends, synthetic silk magnetic eyelashes were a great solution. Whipped Lash Premium Silk Magnetic Eyelashes was certainly a pandemic project that has blossomed into a business that the beauty community is excited about.” Jennifer, Co-Founder

Our company’s mission is very simple, yet impactful to beauty consumers around the world. We offer a vegan and cruelty-free alternative to eyelash extensions already available on the market. We urge our community to stay away from extensions made from mink or other animal products. Our eyelashes are made from a premium synthetic silk material that is safer, healthier, and overall better for the eye. We want to give women a safe and affordable alternative to this new hot beauty trend. 

It’s safe to say that women love their eyelashes and these extensions are not going anywhere. We inspire women to seek safer and healthier options for everyday use and we are empowering women to learn how to apply lashes themselves that will look like they were professionally done. We want women to empower women to apply our magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes on their own. No special skills or professional skills are required. 

What are your most popular products?


Stuck Up Magnetic Eyelashes (Best Natural)

Princess Magnetic Eyelashes (Best Flare)

Last Night Magnetic Eyelashes (Best Wispy) 

Magnetic Eyeliner + Applicator Kit 


Any special offers you’ll have at your booth  at COSMECON 2022 at Plaza WestCovina on September 10th 2022, 11am-4pm? 

When you shop with us in person, we offer the option to purchase a bundle:

One Magnetic Eyelash + One Magnetic Eyeliner + One Applicator $30.00 or Buy Two, Get One Free (Three Magnetic Eyelashes + One Magnetic Eyeliner + One Applicator $60.00)