NBCUniversal expands shoppable content with NBCUCheckout, become a e-commerce retail partner

If you’re a brand looking for more ways to get your products in front of customers, with no up-front costs on NBCU networks, NBCU Checkout maybe your next best partner. NBCU Checkout is an embedded cart that enables any social or web content directly without ever leaving the content.

Commerce products include stoppable contents including Bravo, E, Telemundo, Today, Meta and more. There are two main avenues including the checkout and or a purchase through the retailers website. It’s a CPA, click by action model, as a NBCU Checkout Partner.

NBCUniversal Commerce products spans four key pillars that provide brands numerous ways to partner:

  • Experimental: Immerse your brand in the next frontier of fandom and offers consumers a way to explore their favorite shows with opportunities such as Metaverse shopping and Shop the Show. DOWNLOAD OPPORTUNITY HERE
  • Social Commerce: Capitalize on this increasingly valuable intersection of content, commerce and community with Livestream Shopping, Influencer Marketing and Shoppable Branded Social opportunities.DOWNLOAD OPPORTUNITY HERE
  • ShoppableTV: Applying the principles of performance marketing to the early stages of the consumer decision journey via Integrations, Commercials and Programmatic formats. DOWNLOAD OPPORTUNITY HERE
  • Integrated Web: Guiding the user journey for full funnel impact with captivating elements such as animations, videos and articles. Formats include: Shoppable Rich Media Units, Shoppable Articles and shoppable Digital Video. DOWNLOAD OPPORTUNITY HERE

Marketplace Partner Onboarding Process for New Retail Partners:

  1. Brand signs Retailer Agreement
  2. Brand Partner completes registration
  3. Retailer and NBCU Determine integration method
  4. Upload catalog assortment to NBCU Checkout Platform for Approval (lead by NBCU Commerce)
  5. Products are available for editorial team; if selected Brand Strategy will reach out (lead by NBCU Commerce)

There are there distinct approaches to the tech onboarding process, with the most popular being automated, which to implement takes 1-2 weeks, NBCU Checkout integrates with the retail partners eCommerce platform and can upload and automatically refresh product catalog is automated.

Keep in mind “a narrow assortment is best to start with to integrate and new SKU’s can be added after the initial integration” said Josiane Galley Manager, Marketplace Operations – Commerce Partnerships, NBCUniversal at FashionCommerce 2022 the by ChannelAdvisor.

How Does NBCU make retailer experience turnkey?

  1. Processing Orders: When an order is placed, Brand Partners are notified to begin their fulfillment processes. Automated order processing workflows are handled manually by the Retail Partner.
  2. Payments: NBCU reconciles payments monthly, net 30 less CC fees, and Revenue Share. NBCU pays via. ACH on the basis agreed upon by both parties in the Retailer Agreement
  3. Shipping: Retailers have the flexibility to map their shipping options. Retailers do not need a separate packaging slip, just your existing packaging slip.
  4. Performance Data: Retail Partners can always view sales and transactional data via the Mirakl Platform. Performance check-ins can be scheduled by emailing marketplace support.

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