Pacsun Specialty Retailer Brings On SoundCommerce to Optimize Customer Profitability

1 min read

Retail data platform provider SoundCommerce announces the launch of SoundCommerce Customer360, a cloud solution helping retail brands align marketing, merchandising and operations data to build accurate, actionable views of shopper profitability and lifetime value. PacSun has adopted SoundCommerce Customer360 to serve as a single source of truth for all customer transaction, interaction and event data driving business performance across retail stores and the ecommerce business.

“SoundCommerce helps PacSun manage complex omnichannel data to drive great customer experiences and higher customer lifetime value,” said Mike Relich, Co-CEO at PacSun. “With SoundCommerce, we’re making smarter decisions to build stronger relationships with our community, even as we grow our profitable retail operations.”

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