Retail Veteran Bob Kilinski Appointed CEO of SwitchBin

SwitchBin Inc. announces the appointment of Bob Kilinski as CEO effective 12/01/2021. Bob, an experienced retail and wireless services executive and important advisor to SwitchBin throughout the development of its current product offering, has been helping the company with strategy, leadership, and business development.

Bob brings vast experience in leading and supporting retail and tech companies. He has served in senior executive roles with RadioShack, CExchange, Clover Wireless, Belmont Trading, and founded Retail Hitmen, a retail focused consulting firm. With Retail Hitmen Bob provided services for major brands including Beats by Dre, Parago (now Blackhawk Network), Support.com and others. In his career he has won and launched wireless programs at Walmart, Target, Costco, US Cellular, Microsoft and others, and led partnerships with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Dish, and multiple MVNOs.

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