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Since RIMOWA was founded in 1898, art and design have played a fundamental role in the maison’s identity, both informing its distinctive iconography and inspiring leading artists and fashion designers in highly creative collaborations. Now, RIMOWA is forging new frontiers as the first luxury travel brand to create a collection of conceptual NFTs designed for the metaverse.



In partnership with design studio NUOVA, RIMOWA’s rich heritage was reimagined in the most forward-looking way imaginable. Titled “Blueprints from the Metaverse,” the collection explores the idea of future movement through the imaginative retelling of airline memorabilia in new contexts. Using RIMOWA’s most iconic materials, NUOVA conceived four physical artifacts that chronicled this narrative. Once complete, these artifacts were transformed into digital artworks, demonstrating how mementos from RIMOWA’s past can stand at the forefront of the most thrilling new developments in the art world today.



Discover the collection on Rarible, which will be available for auction for one day only on May 18.



Four one-of-a-kind artworks – a table, a food cart, a lamp, and a sound system – will be available for auction. With each, NUOVA utilized RIMOWA’s typologies, from the grooved aluminium panels and Multiwheel system, to the leather handles found on the RIMOWA Classic suitcase collection. To accompany each NFT, RIMOWA will provide a complimentary piece of memorabilia from the collection, further blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital world.



– Machined out of solid aerospace grade aluminium, the RIMOWA x NUOVA NA–09-20 Telescopic Table has telescopic handles and legs that reference the stylish in-flight airplane bars and lounges of the 1960s. Its surface was constructed in collaboration with tech company Corning, using 2mm-thin gorilla glass originally designed and developed for smartphone screens.





– Made in Italy, the RIMOWA x NUOVA NA–01-20 Glass Service Cart is a mobile dinner service cart with compartments to store 18 serving trays. Crafted from glass, it highlights a number of RIMOWA’s most distinctive elements, from the innovative Multiwheel system found on the maison’s suitcases, to leather luggage straps and serving trays made from aerospace-grade aluminium.





– Intended to mimic the soft glow of airplane cabin lighting, the RIMOWA x NUOVA NA–10-20 Floor Lamp diffuses LED light through its frosted lens. Made from RIMOWA’s grooved aluminium, the lamp’s glow deliberately draws attention to the beauty of this iconic material. It also features a polished aluminium tube and base.



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– The ultra-thin RIMOWA x NUOVA NA–11-20 Transparent Speaker System uses sound-generating glass from Japan to produce a clear, steady sound. Designed to be the public announcement system in this imaginary travel terminal, this Bluetooth-enabled speaker references satellites in outer space with its white body and gold, semi-transparent glass coating. Its supporting structure was crafted from RIMOWA’s signature grooved aluminium.





The boundary-breaking artworks will be auctioned on Rarible – the first community-owned NFT marketplace. In keeping with RIMOWA’s commitment to building a better future, proceeds from the sale will be donated to the artwork’s creators, as well as a nonprofit focused on humanitarian rights. In addition, RIMOWA has ensured carbon neutrality for each NFT by offsetting their carbon footprint with a contribution to the Bull Run Forest Carbon Project, a project that protects 4,650 hectares of tropical landscape in Belize.



Discover the collection on Rarible, which will be available for auction for one day only on May 18.