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Sprouts expands into additional Kroger stores

Sprouts expands into additional Kroger stores

Sprouts Expands Into Additional Kroger Stores

Rä Foods LLC Wild About Sprouts® is excited to announce continued retail growth through expansion into additional Kroger divisions across the country as well as introduction into Meijer stores in the north. Wild About Sprouts® has also created new, bright, eye-catching packaging labels that clearly highlight each variety option that attracts attention to the packaging on the shelf and also to the entire category section.

“Wild About Sprouts® is on a mission to reach consumers across the country with fresh, living, safe, healthy, flavorful sprouts,” said Jeff Sholl, Owner, Wild About Sprouts®. “We have significantly expanded our growing capacity and in turn, the availability of Cold Grown® Wild About Sprouts® in the eastern, northern and southern United States. Retailers are eager to help us meet the increasing consumer demand for fresh, safe sprouts. Our bright new labels will help attract consumers to the shelf to learn more about the Wild About Sprouts® difference and the benefits of sprouts.”

Wild About Sprouts® come in six varieties: 100% Clover, Broccoli/Clover blend, Clover/Radish blend, 100% Alfalfa, Clover/Alfalfa blend and 100% Broccoli. For more information on Wild About Sprouts® or for store information, visit

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