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The leading retail event — Startup Retail Summit 2022

The leading retail event — Startup Retail Summit 2022

The Leading Retail Event — Startup Retail Summit 2022

The Startup Retail Summit is the leading event for entrepreneurs who want to get their products ready for retail shelves, connect with merchandisers, buyers and learn about retail partner opportunities.

RETAILBOSS is an independent media outlet providing a daily resources for fashion, beauty and luxury across the global retail industry. Registration is now open for Startup Retail Summit, the semi-annual event exclusively for brands with the goal of expanding their retail operations, both online and offline. Attendees will hear from industry leading buying and merchandising experts who will share upcoming programs, best practices, and what it takes to scale as a retail partner.

The virtual event will be broadcast live, viewable worldwide and will be available for viewing on-demand. The event features speakers from a variety of retailers, to be announced soon.

To learn more about Startup Retail Summit and register visit Startup Retail Summit 2022. Follow us on social media @ startupretail