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Triller Teams Up with Walmart and NYX Professional Makeup to Provide 50M Views and Monetization Opps to Black Creators

Triller Teams Up with Walmart and NYX Professional Makeup to Provide 50M Views and Monetization Opps to Black Creators

Triller Teams Up With Walmart And Nyx Professional Makeup To Provide 50M Views And Monetization Opps To Black Creators

In honor of Black History Month, Triller, the AI-powered open garden technology platform for creators, today announced it’s pledging 50 million guaranteed views to Black creators during the month of February. Triller has teamed up with Walmart and NYX Professional Makeup to support the pledge and provide monetization opportunities and brand deals to over 200 creators involved in its Assembly of Black Creators, and will be promoting and sponsoring content across social media to ensure maximum visibility and exposure throughout the month.

This initiative furthers Triller’s mission and ongoing efforts to provide creators with greater control, extensibility, and agency, and specifically empowering Black creators and deepening the pipeline of Black-owned content across entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, sports, and other genres for consumer brand integrations and advertising opportunities. The effort will not only provide millions of views and overall awareness to the creators involved, but also offer monetizable brand partnership opportunities through Walmart and NYX Cosmetics.

Walmart will be using creators from Triller’s Assembly For Black Creators, including the Collab Crib creators, to launch its Black & Unlimited campaign, which embraces the possibilities of the many existing intersections of Black identity. Walmart is committed to championing Black creators who are helping to define culture and providing them with the tools needed to better elevate their talents to the world.

Triller Teams Up With Walmart And Nyx Professional Makeup To Provide 50M Views And Monetization Opps To Black Creators

NYX Cosmetics has launched the Queens Celebrating Queens initiative, a program celebrating Black creator contributions to the beauty industry. Starting with the Ultimate Queen Collection, the brand has partnered with Black artist Kendra Dandy (@tthebouffants) to launch a limited-edition collection of eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, and lip glosses featuring Dandy’s artwork. As part of NYX Professional Makeup’s intent to always empower, recognize and celebrate Black representation in beauty, the brand will also be extending long-term contracts with creators, supporting emerging artists/musicians, and more. Visit to learn more.

“We are leading the way for social platforms to offer more equitable interactions and rewards for Black creators, who have a major impact on culture but are largely overlooked and underserved in opportunities to monetize their success,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO of Triller. “This pledge furthers our mission to help creators optimize and monetize every piece of content and every experience they build, while bridging the gap between culture, content, and commerce that are so deeply intertwined today.”

The initiative will extend throughout 2022, offering continued monetization opportunities for creators on Triller. Walmart will be sponsoring a Summit to bring the Assembly of Black Creators back together in February, featuring a slate of educational programming from marketing and creative industry leaders, cultural icons, and some of social media’s most successful emerging creators. The creators will also participate with Triller at SXSW implementations in March, providing even more exposure and cross-collaboration between talent and the world’s biggest brands.

The extensibility of Triller’s platform provides even greater opportunities for creators to gain views on their content as it can be shared, optimized, and tracked across the entire social media ecosystem—not just on Triller. This allows Triller to provide unparalleled opportunities for creators to create direct links to fans—therefore putting more dollars directly into creators’ pockets. Triller is leading the charge to provide innovative technology and products to both creators and brands in order to engage and build audiences across all open platforms, from AR/VR experiences to digital assets.

“We’re thrilled to participate in Triller’s pledge to support Black creators and celebrate their impact on today’s culture. We want to see a space in beauty where Black creators are top-earners in the industry and get the recognition they deserve. While there’s so much room for growth, we are happy to partner and celebrate a moment for creators to shine,” said Yasmin Dastmalchi, General Manager, NYX Professional Makeup.