jeanel alvarado

Jeanel Alvarado, Founder & CEO, RETAILBOSS

Jeanel Alvarado

Founder & CEO of RETAILBOSS®

Jeanel Alvarado is the Founder & CEO of RETAILBOSS®, an all-in-one platform connecting the retail industry, for professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives. 


She has worked as an educator, writer, speaker and consultant for over 10 years. She is also the Founder of Startup Retail Summit, a two-day virtual event for small businesses, that was launched during the covid pandemic to help entrepreneurs navigate the retail industry. 


Jeanel is the former Senior Managing Director of the University of Alberta, School of Retailing, where she oversaw undergraduate and masters students on a variety of applied research and consulting projects in retail and real estate.




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Join a community of brands, designers and boutiques, with that’s purpose is to help connect brands to boutiques to large multi-chain retailers. Our all in one platform helps you stay ahead of the competition and keep up with popular and trendy brands. In our forums, all questions are answered, and we have expects and mentors ready to help you problem solve. Whether it’s how to increase your scales using Google Ad’s, best apps for increasing traffic to your Shopify store, or where to open up your first pop-up location, we have you covered.

Starting, launching and scaling a business can be a time consuming process, we will save you time searching for resources and tools, that are tested and proven in our membership portal. It does not matter the size of your business, or the stage of your business – we have resources within 3 pillars including 1. Startup 2. Growth & Strategy 3. Scale. We are all about Community, and supporting each-other, we hope you find new business besties in our global community.


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