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Mastermind Toys Retail Closing Stores

Mastermind Toys are closing 18 Canadian stores

Mastermind Toys has announced the closure of 18 out of its 66 store locations. This decision comes as a significant blow to the beloved toy retailer, which has been a fixture in the Canadian market since its inception in 1984 by brothers Andy and Jonathan Levy.

Panera Bread Charged Lemonade

Panera Bread’s “Charged Lemonade” Under Scrutiny

The popular fast-casual restaurant chain Panera Bread has found itself at the center of a stormy legal battle.

Retail Theft Report 2023

90% of small businesses report experiencing retail theft: report

Retail theft is a growing concern that casts a shadow over small businesses across the United States.

Holiday Shopping Report 2023 Consumer

11 Seconds Too Long for Online Holiday Shoppers

A recent Forbes report has shed light on a critical benchmark for online retailers—the 11-second rule.

Men-Spend More Than Women Online-68-Percent

63% of Men Spend More Online Than Women

With the convenience of online shopping just a click away, various demographics have embraced this trend at different paces and intensities.

Godaddy-Small Business Survey Report Ten Z Millennials Dec 2023

73% say small businesses are failing Gen Z and Millennials: report

New survey from GoDaddy shows 41% of Gen Z and 43% of Millennials have followed a brand on social media for a discount, but 47% of small businesses do not offer a discount code when someone follows their brand on social media.

The Slowest Month For Retail E-Commerce Sales

What is the Slowest Month for Fashion eCommerce?

While the retail industry experiences a surge in sales during certain periods, it’s equally important to recognize the slower months, which typically fall in January and February.


What fashion brands were popular in the 1970’s?

As we delve into the vibrant tapestry of 1970s fashion, it’s impossible not to recognize the retail giants that clothed a generation in bell-bottoms, polyester suits, and disco-ready sequins.

Primark New Italy Stores

Fast fashion retailer Primark to open new stores in Italy

Fast fashion retailer, Primark is set to expand its presence in Italy with an ambitious plan to open five new stores across the country.

Asos Diversity Ditches

Why ASOS is ditching diversity targets in bonus scheme

The online fashion retailer, ASOS has made a strategic decision to revise its executive bonus scheme.

Revolution Beauty 3 Million Dispute

Revolution Beauty founder Adam Minto £3m debt dispute

Revolution Beauty, a UK-based cosmetics company known for its affordable and inclusive beauty products, has found itself at the center of a financial controversy involving its founders.

Tiktok Made Me Buy It

TikTok made me buy it—Still ring true in 2024?

The exponential rise of social media platforms has altered the way we make purchase decisions, turning away from traditional shopping routes.

The Best Tea 2024

10 Best Tea Brands for 2024, According to Expert

Looking for the best tea brands to indulge in for 2024? Look no further! Our team of tea enthusiasts has curated a list of the top 10 tea brands that are sure to satisfy your taste buds and elevate your tea-drinking experience.

Lulu'S Fashion Lounge Launches New Retail Location In Los Angeles

Lulu’s Fashion Lounge Launches New Retail Location in Los Angeles

The luxury women’s brand that offers attainable fashion, Lulu’s has announced the opening of a new retail location in Los Angeles, California.

Tanishq Expands Into Texas With New Retail Stores

Tanishq Expands into Texas with New Retail Stores

Tanishq, a leading jewelry retailer in India, has announced its further expansion into the United States market by opening two new retail stores in Houston and Frisco, Texas.