Content Planning For The Holidays With Andrea Smith

Content Planning For The Holidays With Andrea Smith

Simple strategy for content planning for online retailers for the 2021 Holiday Season class taught by Andrea Smith (@smithsocialcompany)

Learn how to remove the guessing from what to post, connect with your ideal customers, grow your business, sell more products, have a solid social media presence. Drastically reduce time spent on social media planning so business owner can spend that valuable time on other important tasks. Eliminate the overwhelm of social media posting… every business owner knows they need to have social media, they just a lot of times don’t know where to start.

Bonus: Learn the content pillar, fool proof strategy for a content calendar that is full month after month!

About Andrea Smith:

Andrea is a Social Media Strategist and Founder of Smith Social Company. She works with small business owners that sell online to optimize their social media presence and strategize how to grow, sell, and scale!

She’s helped online retailers triple their followings and revenue in 6 months’ time. She’s also helped many small business owners go from zero knowledge to full confidence in managing their social media.

The best part about working with Andrea is she has been there! She started her own pages and grew them from the ground up and knows what it takes to grow an online business. She has over 10 years of experience in project management and client relations and is super passionate about helping people reach their big goals!

If she isn’t on her laptop somewhere, she’s definitely living that #momlife, gardening, or planning the next room makeover!