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Share your retail press release for today with the global retail industry. Get in front of industry experts, decision makers and readers. Better than posting on generic press release websites only to be lost amongst hundreds of posts, be front and centre on the day you need it.

RETAILBOSS is the largest media publication with over 100,000 social media follows across all social platforms @retailboss, 55,000+ newsletter subscribers and over 500 industry partners. Get in front of readers who are interested in fresh new content from major retailers to independent brands; we have something for everyone across the world of retail.

Step one – Press Release Package

  • Full Service Press Release  ($995) on sale $549
  • Press Release Only ($599) on sale $299

Full Service Press Releases” from RETAILBOSS includes a custom written article published on our website (ie. retail press release, interview or founder story), shared in newsletter and one or more of our social media accounts (Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter).

“Press Release Only” is publishing your retail press release on our website and The RB Daily newsletter. No guarantee on social media distribution.

Step two – RB Editorial Approval

The next step, the RETAILBOSS Editorial team will contact you within 24 hours of your press release purchase via email using the invoice purchase to gather information on your intended press release. All press releases, once approved are guaranteed to be published on  If not approved, you will receive a refund the same day.

Please have available:

      • Proposed title of press release, description and contact details
      • You can select preferred date of press release published date
      • Note: We will send draft to contact provided a day before publishing


If I purchase the “Full Service Press Release” do I have to have a fully written and ready to submit?

No. “Full Service Press Release” is best for independents brands, retailers or service providers who do not have a written press release but have exciting news to share such as a launch, store opening, partnership or new technology, etc. within 1 business day of the press release purchase our team will start writing your press release.

If I purchase the “Only Press Release” do I have to have a fully written and ready to submit?

Yes, it must be fully written, our team will not do any additional editing or writing services. An independent brand, retailer or service provider; and or PR agency can submit the press release to be posted immediately, or scheduled.

What if I don’t have any company news but want to share my founder story?

In order to be considered for an exclusive story on RETAILBOSS, you will have to send over your newest product line, products or collection for review. Once reviewed, RB Team may or may not reach out for an exclusive. However, any products sent may be used in upcoming “Best In” Awards, “Reviews,” “Holiday Lists,” and more. contact: for gifting mailing address.

Does RETAILBOSS post the press releases on the Instagram?

Yes, we share only our “Full Service Press Release” and a selection of our exclusive interviews on our instagram page. “Only Press Release” is shared on our website and newsletter. We any allow posting on our social media feed for an additional fee.

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