What to Expect at the Beauty Tech and Innovation Summit

  • The Beauty Tech and Innovation Summit is a two-day event that brings together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators to discuss the latest trends in beauty technology.
  • RETAILBOSS is a proud media partner of the Beauty Connect Series which includes The Beauty Tech & Innovation Summit.
What To Expect At The Beauty Tech And Innovation Summit

Are you planning on joining the Beauty Tech and Innovation Summit? We will provide an overview of what to expect at the summit, as well as tips on how to plan your trip, maximize your time while there, and follow up after it is over. With a little bit of planning ahead of time, you can ensure that you get the most out of this opportunity and come away with valuable knowledge, insights and connections.

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Overview of the Beauty Tech and Innovation Summit

The Beauty Tech and Innovation Summit is a two-day event that brings together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators to discuss the latest trends in beauty technology. Attendees have the opportunity to learn from inspiring speakers, network with other professionals in the field, and gain valuable insights into technology’s impact on beauty products. The summit also offers an exclusive look at cutting edge technologies being used by leading companies.

What to Expect

At the summit you can expect to hear from experts about current topics in beauty technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential applications for product development and marketing; virtual reality (VR) technologies used by brands for interactive customer experiences; and new approaches to data gathering through mobile apps. You will also get an inside look at how industry giants are leveraging big data analytics for better decision making. Additionally, there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with industry professionals who can help you take your business or career to the next level.

Planning Your Trip

Before you even begin packing for the Beauty Tech and Innovation Summit, it’s important to have a clear idea of what goals you hope to achieve while attending. Take some time to reflect on why you’re attending the summit and make a list of tangible results that will indicate success. Are you hoping to learn about new technologies? Make connections with industry professionals? Learn from experts in the field? Knowing your objectives ahead of time will help ensure that when it comes time to attend sessions, network with vendors, or follow up after the conference, you’ve got a well-defined plan of action.

Research the Agenda

The next step is researching the agenda for the summit and creating an itinerary for yourself based on your company’s goals. The official website provides an overview of all speakers and topics being discussed that can be downloaded as a pdf or saved to your Google Drive as well as any additional activities such as networking receptions or workshops offered in addition to traditional presentations. Once you’ve identified which sessions are most relevant to your intended outcomes, create a schedule in your SwapCard (An app used by Beauty Connect to make it easier to plan your schedule and make connections at the show. keep in mind it is only available closer to the show date. Additionally, make sure to signing up for email notifications so that if there are last minute changes or additions to the agenda or new opportunities, they’ll be sent directly to your email inbox.

Make Travel Arrangements

Once all of your research is complete and goals are established, it’s time to start making travel arrangements! Decide whether flying or driving would be best suited for getting from point A (your home) to point B (San Francisco). If flying is preferred, book flights early so that prices don’t skyrocket closer towards departure day; this applies particularly if traveling internationally since long-distance flights can typically be more expensive than domestic ones depending on location/time of year/etc.. Additionally, think about where exactly in San Francisco would be most convenient – taking into account events like rush hour traffic and parking availability – when selecting hotels or Airbnbs nearby venues hosting Beauty Tech related events during your stay!

Making the Most of Your Time at the Summit

Attending the Beauty Tech and Innovation Summit provides a great opportunity to meet with vendors who can provide valuable services to your business. Take advantage of this time by researching which vendors you want to meet before the summit, then scheduling meetings at the event so that you can get more out of it. You’ll also be able to gain insight into their products, ask questions about how they can help your business, and get an idea of how they fit into the larger beauty tech industry.

Attend Learning Sessions

Another way to make the most of your time at the summit is by attending learning sessions throughout the event. These sessions are designed to provide attendees with valuable information on topics such as trends in beauty technology, customer service strategies for beauty businesses, and new technologies impacting beauty services providers. Make sure you check out all available sessions and attend those that are relevant to your goals so that you can learn more about what’s happening in the industry and gain helpful advice from experts in different areas of beauty tech.

Network and Connect

Finally, take advantage of all networking opportunities during the summit! This includes both informal conversations as well as formal events such as panel discussions or dinners where attendees have a chance to connect with each other and share ideas on how they’re tackling challenges within their businesses or industries related to beauty tech innovation. Don’t forget to bring plenty of business cards or other contact information so that you are prepared when making connections during these events!

What To Expect At The Beauty Tech And Innovation Summit

Melody Bockelman, Founder of Trendcet (Left) IPSY Marketing Manager (Right)

“Beauty Tech Connect is a must attend event! The event is a very welcoming space that includes  fluid conversations between beauty leaders, brand founders, suppliers and consultants discussing what is working and what’s to come in the beauty industry.  I truly enjoyed this event and will be present at future events,” said Melody Bockelman, Founder of Trendcet.

Maximizing Your Time After the Summit

After attending the Beauty Tech and Innovation Summit in San Francisco, it’s important to make sure you maximize your time after the summit by following up with new connections you made at the event. Sending timely emails or making a phone call can be an effective way of continuing relationships that were fostered during the summit. Additionally, if there are any vendors or experts in attendance whose services you think may benefit your business, following up post-summit is essential to ensure these potential partnerships move forward successfully.

Implement New Strategies

You should also take advantage of the knowledge gained from the Beauty Tech and Innovation Summit in San Francisco by implementing new strategies into your workflow as soon as possible. This could include incorporating changes to existing processes or adopting innovative technologies recommended by experts during talks at the summit. By doing so, you’ll be able to increase efficiency while streamlining operations and boosting customer satisfaction levels within no time!

Final Thoughts

Finally, don’t forget to share what you’ve learned at the summit with colleagues who weren’t able to attend! Put together a presentation that outlines key points discussed during talks and sessions attended, as well as additional resources for further study on topics covered throughout the day(s). Doing this will help ensure everyone on your team has access to relevant information gathered from industry leaders present at the summit – leading to more informed decision-making across departments in your organization going forward!

Why attend?

Attending the Beauty Connect series Beauty Tech and Innovation Summit or Beauty Connect LA is a great opportunity to stay up-to-date on industry trends, build relationships with vendors, and learn about new strategies. By planning your trip ahead of time, making the most of your time at the summit, and following up with new connections after it’s over, you can maximize this experience to benefit your business.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well prepared for success at the summit. So what are you waiting for? Start planning today for the next Beauty Connect Series event, Beauty Connect LA on November 7-9th 2023 register here or learn more about Beauty Tech & Innovation Summit here.