Building an Authentic Brand in Today’s Digital Landscape

Building An Authentic Brand In Today'S Digital Landscape

Alexis Rai Hernandez is an international brand + digital strategist, director, and entrepreneur. For over a decade, she has consulted private, public, and nonprofit sector businesses, organizations, and individuals to enhance their offerings, improve their digital + operation systems, expand their networks, and ensure social impact is a part of their goals.

She began building brands through her career as a fashion stylist, using her visual creativity to help her clients feel confident while navigating their world and building her personal brand through her work.

Always thinking of ways to innovate and add value, she naturally progressed into business and brand strategy with a focus of working primarily with women and making contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2015, she was inducted into New York Global Young Leaders Dialogue. She’s been featured in Vogue Italia, Forbes, and Vogue Business along with her clients and partners for their innovative business and philanthropic efforts.

Her mission is to help as many people as possible realize genuine success through accomplishing their careers and entrepreneurial goals.


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