Global Supply Chain: What Retailers Should Know About Imports

Global Supply Chain: What Retailers Should Know About Imports

Global Supply Chain – What Retailers Should Know About Imports. Shaquana Teasley is the founder and CEO of Agate Solutions, LLC which provides consulting, training and mentoring in the area of International Trade.

The mission of Agate Solutions LLC is to relieve clients of the complexities of International Trade Compliance by offering subject matter expert consulting services and training solutions. Agate Solutions is a minority owned and operated business that is passionate about supporting an industry of diverse Trade professionals.

Shaquana has over 15 years of experience in the International Trade industry. Agate Solutions courses empower individuals, teams, organizations by growing their skills to better define their success while also providing consulting services to develop Trade Compliance programs. Agate Solutions offers courses to prepare individuals for a career in Import, Export, International Trade, Compliance, Logistics and Supply Chain. Agate Solutions also offers a mentoring roundtable to further support career development.

Joins us for a discussion on the complexities of customs and trade planning
– Compliance within your organization
– Global Customs Duties
– Tarrifs, Audits, Documentation

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