How to Build Credibility & Persuade Your Audience

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Bianca Modo Isom, will be teaching a class on How to Build Credibility & Persuade Your Audience. Bianca is a passionate and knowledgeable best-selling author of the book “Unscarred: Prayers for Healing” and a transformational speaker who naturally creates warm connections with her audience. Bianca is the VP of Communication for AICI Southeast Region, CEO of Modo Global, LLC, and creator of BRAND BUILD™.

Bianca’s mission is to help profound leaders enhance their credibility, presence, and positioning. She believes that leaders should always look for the opportunity to change by starting with the change in themselves. As a brand consultant for the past 7 years, she’s had the honor of working with entrepreneurs, for-profit and non-profit organizations, community leaders, and executives. Her primary focus is on helping them embrace their personal power and connect with their audience faster.

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