How To Get Your Product Into Ulta Beauty Stores

How To Get Your Product Into Ulta Beauty Stores

Are you looking to get your product onto the shelves of ULTA? There is no better time than now for product-based business owners to sell product to beauty retailers.

Ulta Beauty is committed to 15% Pledge by more than doubled the number of Black-owned brands and investing $8.5 million to brand marketing support for Black-owned, Black-founded and Black-led brands within their assortment, more than doubling last year’s investment.

How To Get Your Product Into Ulta Beauty Stores

Curating & Nurturing Diverse Assortment

In 2021, ULTA proudly joined the 15% Pledge and more than doubled the number of Black-owned brands in our unparalleled assortment. ULTA will continue building upon our work to help diverse leaders, founders and entrepreneurs thrive in the beauty industry.

  • Launch a Brand Partner Accelerator Program focused on early-stage BIPOC beauty brands. We will provide time, resources and mentorship to educate, inspire and support brand development for retail readiness.

  • To offer founders of color greater access, capital and expertise, we will invest $5 million in New Voices, a venture capital firm that partners with and invests in entrepreneurs of color to drive scalable, sustainable businesses and create generational wealth. As the VC’s beauty retail partner, we will provide priority access to shelf space, merchandising and marketing support.

  • Allocate $3.5 million to in-store merchandising support so guests can more readily find the Black-owned, Black-founded and Black-led brands within our assortment.

How To Get Your Product Into Ulta Beauty Stores

Register Your Business With Ulta Beauty

The first step, ULTA has a standard process for new brand product submissions. In order to submit your product to be sold in ULTA stores and/or online, you can do so through RangeMe. Apply Here.

The simple way to showcase your product to ULTA buyers

RangeMe is an online platform that makes it easier for us to discover new products. How RangeMe works:

  • Create a product profile. The upload process will help you enter all the key info we need to see.

  • Your product is matched with the right category buyer.

  • Buyers review your products. You will receive a notification once your product has been reviewed.

Create Account Here

ULTA’s Growing List of BIack-Owned Brands

  • Ace Beauté

  • Beauty Bakerie

  • BeautyStat


  • Camille Rose

  • Curls

  • Design Essentials

  • Grace Eleyae

  • Flora & Curl

  • Frederick Benjamin

  • Naturalicious

  • Mented Cosmetics

  • Sunday II Sunday

  • Juvia’s Place

  • Lamik

  • Briogeo

  • Black Girl Sunscreen

  • Buttah

  • Homebody

  • Pattern

  • TGIN

  • Melanin Haircare

  • Mixed Chicks

  • Uoma Beauty

  • Urban Hydration

  • Nude Sugar

  • Luv Scrub

Are You Ready For Retail?

First impressions are everything, as the saying goes. The statement could not be more accurate when it comes to impressing retail buyers for beauty retailers such as ULTA. However, many small businesses pitch or submit their brands without doing the necessary due diligence to ensure their brand is ready for retail. We have experience with brands with retail marketing and growth strategies.

If you need clarity on your product and want to get into a beauty retailer such as ULTA, we have a proven step system to help you to secure your product on retail shelves.

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