How To Get Your Product Into Macy’s Stores

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Are you looking to get your product onto the shelves of Macy’s? You’re in luck because Macy’s is looking for minority diverse -or women-owned businesses to sell product in their stores. To be considered for the Supplier Diversity Program, you must be based in the United States and maintain current certification by an accepted certifying body.

New Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

Macy’s, Inc. continually seeks new vendor partners to provide merchandise for our stores, as well as goods and services for use in our operations. Of the many initiatives Macy’s has pursued on behalf of their expanding diversity strategy, supplier diversity is an area of special importance across all Retail Vendor opportunities.

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Jeanel Alvarado

Jeanel Alvarado, has more than 10 years experience in the luxury fashion, beauty, wine & sprits and consumer goods sector. She is a proud Afro-latina, retail consultant and advisor working primarily with fashion and beauty brands across the United States. Jeanel is the Founder & CEO of RETAILBOSS Inc, and former Senior Managing Director of Alberta School of Business, School of Retailing. She has proven sales and marketing strategies that she uses to coach new and emerging brands on how to position their products for e-commerce and retail success.