How To Get Your Product Into Macy’s Stores

Are you looking to get your product onto the shelves of Macy’s? You’re in luck because Macy’s is looking for minority diverse -or women-owned businesses to sell product in their stores.

How To Get Your Product Into Macy'S Stores

Are you looking to get your product onto the shelves of Macy’s? You’re in luck because Macy’s is looking for minority diverse -or women-owned businesses to sell product in their stores. To be considered for the Supplier Diversity Program, you must be based in the United States and maintain current certification by an accepted certifying body.

New Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

Macy’s, Inc. continually seeks new vendor partners to provide merchandise for our stores, as well as goods and services for use in our operations. Of the many initiatives Macy’s has pursued on behalf of their expanding diversity strategy, supplier diversity is an area of special importance across all Retail Vendor opportunities.

“To assist in the growth of talented small businesses, Macy’s strives to purchase from and support vendors who are certified as minority or women-owned. We work to purchase goods and services from these business enterprises and encourage prospective suppliers to join us as partners and take advantage of our Supplier Diversity Program. Partnerships are truly win-win – Macy’s discovers talented new suppliers for high quality, competitively priced merchandise and our vendors see their businesses grow. It is this growth that is essential for the health and growth of the communities where we all live and do business.”

Register your business and gain certification as a Diverse- and Women-Owned Supplier.In addition to city, state, and federal agencies, Macy’s accepts certifications from the following third-party agencies:

How To Get Your Product Into Macy’s Stores

The first step, is to ensure your business is in compliance with Macy’s, Inc. Vendor / Supplier Code of Conduct that has adopted and issued to its vendors a clear statement of its standards in detail. Additionally, the company requires its core vendors to acknowledge in writing their understanding of the company’s policies requiring full compliance with all applicable laws in the manufacture of products to be carried in Macy’s, Inc. stores.

You must also be prepared, as a potential vendor to Macy’s, to discuss the following in-depth:

For Product Vendors

Target Customer:

Age, average income, median family size, geographic location, population size and expected growth.

Product Demand:

Where you see it coming from in the future.

Benefits for Macy’s:

  • How your product will help position Macy’s to take advantage of future demand.
  • How Macy’s can gain market share with your product, control costs and/or maximize sales. The added value your product has over your competition.
  • How your packaging enhances the image and appearance of the product compared to the products currently carried by Macy’s, Inc.
  • How your product will positively impact related products in our stores.


Your direct and indirect competition in the market.

Additional technical requirements for Macy’s, Inc. merchandise vendors are available at

Each year, Macy’s also offers The Workshop at Macy’s, a landmark retail vendor development program for diverse- and women-owned merchandise suppliers. This one-of-a-kind program sets the stage for retail business innovation and aims to nurture and grow the next generation of diverse and women-owned retail businesses. Visit The Workshop at Macy’s website for more information.

Register Your Business With Macy’s Stores

The second step, once you have ensured you meet the supplier requirements above. If you’re still interested in selling to Macy’s. Diverse and women-owned vendors who offer branded merchandise suitable for sale at retail and are interested in supplying products for Macy’s, Macy’s Backstage, Bloomingdale or Blue Mercury stores can register using the links below:

I’d like to sell products at Macy’s

I’d like to provide services or goods not for retail sale to Macy’s

Macy’s Growing List of Diverse Suppliers

  • 180s
  • Alala
  • Alex Woo
  • Anecodote Candles
  • Balic Club
  • Bella
  • Bespoke
  • Blk & Bold
  • BloomsyBox
  • Bocce’s Bakery
  • Brahmin
  • By Ms James
  • Caro Home
  • Coco Michele
  • COR By Ultracor
  • Croscill
  • Dauntless
  • DBTS Skin Bar
  • DIOP
  • Fashion Forms
  • Girl Power Sport
  • Golden Rabbit
  • Gunas New York
  • Harlem Candle Co.
  • J Kara
  • Just Pollu
  • LEGACY for MEN By Simone I. Smith
  • Leonisa
  • Lillian Rose
  • Manor Luxe
  • McKlein
  • Naked Wardrobe
  • Mischo Beauty
  • Patricia Nash
  • Pem America
  • Perfect Holiday
  • Perry Ellis
  • Trendy Decor 4U
  • Urban Hydration
  • Zach & Zoe

Are You Ready For Retail?

First impressions are everything, as the saying goes. The statement could not be more accurate when it comes to impressing retail buyers for beauty retailers such as Macy’s. However, many small businesses pitch or submit their brands without doing the necessary due diligence to ensure their brand is ready for retail. We have experience with brands with retail marketing and growth strategies.

If you need clarity on your product and want to get into a beauty retailer such as Macy’s, we have a proven step system to help you to secure your product on retail shelves.

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