How To Get Your Product Into Sephora

How To Get Your Product Into Sephora

Are you looking to get your product onto the shelves of Sephora? There is no better time than now for product-based business owners to sell product to beauty retailers. For the past five years, Sephora Accelerate has been dedicated to building a community of innovative, inspirational founders in beauty…

In recent years, Sephora Accelerate is focused on incubating founders who are people of color. In line with their 15% pledge, and to ensure there are brands representative of the colors, races, and ethnicities that make up America, our commitment this year will be to help bring these brands along.

Founders will embark on a six-month journey inclusive of an intensive boot camp where they’ll gain the necessary skills to create a successful business.

How To Get Your Product Into Sephora

Apply To Sephora Accelerate

The accelerator program was created to use Sephora’s strengths for even greater good in our communities. The company has pivoted their Sephora Accelerate program to paying particular attention to helping incubate founders who are people of color. In line with our 15% pledge, and to ensure there are brands representative of the color, races, and ethnicities that make up  America, our focus this year will be to help bring these brands along.

The 15 Percent Pledge is calling on major retailers to commit to a minimum of 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned businesses. Sephora was the first retailer to agree to take the 15% pledge. We are committed to building an ecosystem that will help support Black-owned brands for long-term growth in prestige beauty.

Eligible applicants must lead a North America incorporated company, passionate about beauty, founded or co-founded by a person who is at least 18 years old, and must be an early-stage brand not yet distributed widely by others. Our interest is to help those who have the most to gain from what Accelerate offers, which means businesses with more than an idea (at least a lab sample or prototype), but probably not much real revenue yet.

There are a variety of criteria Sephora uses to make the final selection. Some of the most important are:

 –  Vision: Do you have the passion needed to make your business successful?

 –  Innovation: What is differentiated about your brand or product? What can you offer clients that they currently cannot find elsewhere?

 – Product: Do you have a working prototype that has been iterated on at least once to incorporate user feedback? (I.e., product sample, goop.)

Beginning 2021, the intention is to launch each brand that participates in the Accelerate program in its entirety.

The goal of the Accelerate program is to provide consistent, cohesive, and ongoing support backed by digital and in-person resources. Content and curriculum provided is directly correlated to helping founders succeed at Sephora.

In addition, brands will have the unique experience of building a heart-and-soul connection to our community and its ecosystem, as well as the opportunity of a lifetime—launching with Sephora.


Register Your Business With Sephora Stores

The first step, Sephora has a standard process for new brand product submissions.

In order to expose your product to the Sephora Merchandising team, please click here to create a profile with RangeMe Sephora platform and submit all your products there.

The appropriate Merchant team will interact with you directly through this platform and provide any feedback.

Are You Ready For Retail?

First impressions are everything, as the saying goes. The statement could not be more accurate when it comes to impressing retail buyers for beauty retailers such as Sephora. However, many small businesses pitch or submit their brands without doing the necessary due diligence to ensure their brand is ready for retail. We have experience with brands with retail marketing and growth strategies.

If you need clarity on your product and want to get into a beauty retailer such as Sephora, we have a proven step system to help you to secure your product on retail shelves.

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