Steve Dennis Author of Retail Remarkable on The Future of Post-Pandemic Stores

Steve Dennis Author Of Retail Remarkable On The Future Of Post-Pandemic Stores

After a 30 year career and two senior executive roles at two Fortune 500 retailers, Steve Dennis is back with a newly revised version of his book, Remarkable Retail: How to Win and Keep Customers in the Age of Disruption. The book had originally launched in April of 2020, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, and written by Steve who focuses on retail growth and innovation, after seeing the effects on retail knew the formula to succeed would never be the same. This lead to a revision of the formally released book, that relaunched April 2021.

“Physical retail isn’t dead—but boring retail is! Remarkable Retail equips the savvy retailer with eight essential strategies to bounce back from the covid-19 downturn and thrive in the years to come.” said Steve Dennis. As a strategic advisor, he has worked with dozens of retail, consumer, luxury and social impact brands to inspire, catalyze and design their journey to remarkable results. “Although we saw some high-profile retail brands become casualties of the pandemic, it turns out many of those had underlying conditions, while retailers who had already embarked upon the road to remarkable not only survived but actually emerged in better health than before.”

He is currently the President of SageBerry Consulting. Prior to founding SageBerry, he was the chief strategy officer and SVP, multichannel marketing for the Neiman Marcus Group. Steve received his MBA from Harvard and a BA from Tufts University.

We were fortunate to caught up with Steve to talk about his newly revised edition, Remarkable Retail: How to Win and Keep Customers in the Age of Disruption and the future of stores in the post-pandemic era!

Watch the full interview with Steve Dennis below: