Walmart Launches Affordable Clean Beauty Products

Walmart Launches Affordable Clean Beauty Products

Walmart has recently launched a clean beauty platform called “Clean Beauty at Walmart” to cater to the growing demand for products that align with customers’ values.

This online shop offers beauty products made without over 1,200 ingredients listed on their Made Without List (MWL). The list was developed after reviewing state and federal regulations, consulting suppliers, and seeking expert advice from organizations like the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

The platform currently offers more than 900 clean beauty products, with nearly 80% priced under $10. The range of products includes makeup brushes, face wash, toner, hair regrowth treatment, acrylic nails, acne patches, mascara, and lip liner.

Walmart’s clean beauty initiative is part of its broader commitment to regeneration and sustainability, aiming to have a lasting, net positive impact on society through its products, services, and business practices.

In 2019, Walmart introduced its private-label clean-beauty skincare line, Earth to Skin, which features products such as toners, serums, and gels. The Clean Beauty at Walmart platform is expected to grow each year as the company works closely with suppliers to expand its offerings and continuously evaluate the MWL.

Walmart’s Vice President of Beauty, Creighton Kiper, and Senior Vice President of Sustainability, Jane Ewing, discussed how Clean Beauty at Walmart helps customers find products that meet their standards at every price point. They emphasized the importance of working with suppliers to explore sustainable packaging alternatives, evaluate carbon emissions associated with production, and adopt cruelty-free and ethical standards.

With the increasing popularity of clean beauty among consumers across all generations, Walmart’s clean beauty platform aims to make it easier and more affordable for customers to make mindful choices about their beauty products while reducing the company’s environmental footprint.