Afterpay Released its Holiday Consumer Shopping Trends for the 2021

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Afterpay, the leader in “Buy Now, Pay Later” payments, today released its holiday consumer shopping trends for the 2021 season.1The company’s sales data showed in-store shopping growth of 384% year-on-year, with Black Friday resulting in a 442% increase for in-store shopping on that day alone.2 This strong growth reflects young shoppers’ growing preference to spend responsibly and pay over time to kickstart the new year.

With 100,000 global merchant partners3, more consumers used Afterpay to conquer their holiday shopping list – using their own money to pay over time. This led to a 41% increase in shopping referral traffic to merchants during the holiday shopping period. Customers have also shifted to a mobile-first mindset, with 92% of Afterpay referrals generated from the app

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