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COS Expand Into Mexico With First Flagship Store

COS Expand Into Mexico With First Flagship Store

Cos Expand Into Mexico With First Flagship Store

The London-based fashion brand COS is launching into Mexico in Summer 2023, , opening a flagship store in the country’s capital, Mexico City. The Mexico City store will mark the brand’s first presence in the country and is part of a wider expansion strategy to scale the business globally and attract customers in new markets.

Located in Antara, Polanco, the 486 m² store space will reflect the brand’s design principles while incorporating sustainable values. The debut store in Mexico will adopt a new more sustainable concept with a circular ambition in design and material choices, marking the third store to roll out the concept to date.

“Opening a flagship store in Mexico is an incredibly exciting step for COS. We are always looking for new markets to introduce people to our brand and are confident Antara is the perfect destination for the launch. I’m looking forward to seeing how customers respond to the brand and engage with our collection,” said Katie Reeves, Managing Director North America, COS

This conscious mindset will also be reflected in the design of the store, which focuses on circularity in both materials and design and will encompass more sustainable materials such as bamboo wardrobes, recycled acrylic vitrine display cases and a rail system made with recycled aluminium.

The concept is created so it can be maintained, repaired, and repurposed, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to a circular built environment.

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