DUER: The World’s Most Comfortable Pants Review

DUER pants are crafted with a unique blend of natural fibre-rich, stretch twill fabric.

Duer: The World'S Most Comfortable Pants Review

DUER pants are crafted with a unique blend of natural fibre-rich, stretch twill fabric. This innovative combination includes plant-derived TENCEL™ fibres, which naturally inhibit bacterial growth, and LYCRA® that provides the much-needed stretch for comfort. Some styles even come with a DWR treatment for water resistance, making them perfect for active individuals who value both functionality and fashion.

One of the standout features of DUER pants is their adaptability. They contain a small percentage of elastane, a stretch fibre that allows the jeans and shorts to adapt to your shape rather than forcing you to adapt to theirs. This results in an incredibly comfortable experience every time you wear them. The entire collection is designed to fit true to size, offering more stretch than conventional pants in the market. This flexible fabric-blend allows you to choose whether you prefer your pants to look more tailored or present with a relaxed silhouette.

Customer reviews highlight the comfort and stretch in the DUER No Sweat and L2X fabric as being beyond what is seen in other denim. The jeans also feature a crotch-gusset, enhancing mobility and making them ideal for active and everyday lifestyles. So, we enlisted fashion stylist, Alyssa Habchi to visit the DUER’s Vancouver location to do a try-on haul of their most popular items.

Alyssa Habchi, Fashion Stylist Try-On Haul


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“Since moving out here to the west coast my lifestyle has changed immensely. I need comfort and flexibility in my clothes as I commute through the city. DU/ER is a brand that anticipates comfort and lifestyle without compromising a good fit.” said Habchi. “DU/ER has a unique gusset that gives the pants more movement through the hips which makes them so comfortable while running after my daughter or jumping on my bike.”

Look 1/2: Live Free High Rise Jogger

Duer: The World'S Most Comfortable Pants Review

“My current favorite is the No Sweat Everyday Pant because of the plant-based fabric structure, it’s super soft and comfortable but also office appropriate!” said Habchi.

Look 3: Midnight Denim High Rise Arc

Duer: The World'S Most Comfortable Pants Review

“I feel really good supporting a home grown brand that is committed to sustainability and lifestyle”

Look 4: Live Free Jumpsuit CopperDuer: The World'S Most Comfortable Pants Review


“As an active commuter and mom it is important that my pants fit good and feel good.”

Look 5: Performance Denim High Rise Skinny

Duer: The World'S Most Comfortable Pants Review

In addition, we of course had our Editor-In-Chief, Jeanel Alvarado vet some additional DUER pieces, here are her favorite ones listed for both women and menswear – including jeans, shorts, joggers and t-shirts.

Midnight Denim High Rise Taper

Duer: The World'S Most Comfortable Pants Review

“Whether you’re going on a road trip, catching a flight, or simply running errands, DUER high rise taper jeans are the go-to choice for me!” said Alvarado. “With a wide variety of colors and fits, ranging from slim to skinny to relaxed, they cater to a variety of different body types.”

DUER Live Free Utility Shorts

Duer: The World'S Most Comfortable Pants Review

“I love my DUER Utility shorts, literally have been wearing them all summer to the lake. These shorts have seen it all from paddle boarding to boat sailing. I can also say they are 100% shrink-resistant, I have washed them a handful of times, and the fit is exactly the same!” said Alvarado.

No Sweat Joggers (Mens)

Duer: The World'S Most Comfortable Pants Review

“My husband is obsessed with the men’s No Sweat joggers! They are water resistant, equipped with adjustable drawstrings and have a tight fit at the ankle. It is perfect for hiking, biking and a great addition to a stylish wardrobe. It is super soft and smooth to the touch, and the quality is a nice durable and thick fabric.” said Alvarado.

The Only Tee (Mens)

Duer: The World'S Most Comfortable Pants Review

“Another stand out, is the men’s The Only Tee shirts! The DUER slogan is ‘most comfortable jeans’ but he would add ‘most comfortable shirts’ to the list! If you are shopping for yourself, make sure to add some shirts like I did for your significant other – they will love! Plus if you buy 3, you get 1 free deal so really its a no brainer to add to cart!” said Alvarado.

Final Thoughts

DUER is worth every dollar on the price tag. They offer superior comfort, quality, and style, making them a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking the perfect pair of pants – or shirts. So, if you’re still wondering, “Are DUER pants really the most comfortable in the world?” The answer is a resounding yes!

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