eBay launches ‘Certified by Brand’ luxury resale platform

Ebay Launches 'Certified By Brand' Luxury Resale Platform

eBay, a global online marketplace with nearly 28 years of expertise, has announced the launch of its new brand platform, “Certified by Brand,” on April 27, 2023. This program aims to expand eBay’s luxury offerings by partnering directly with brands to scale their presence in the secondary market and provide shoppers with access to a wider selection of coveted and collectible luxury goods. The program includes new, certified pre-owned, limited-edition, and exclusive “only on eBay” inventory from top brands such as Konstantin Chaykin, Zodiac Watches, and Le Vian, spanning across watches, handbags, and fine jewelry.

Jeanel Alvarado, Retail Expert says, “eBay’s Certified by Brand program represents a significant step forward for the resale fashion industry. By partnering directly with luxury brands, eBay is addressing one of the key challenges faced by the resale fashion industry: authenticity.”

The “Certified by Brand” program offers numerous benefits for both buyers and brands. Brands and brand-authorized sellers gain access to consumer insights from eBay’s global network of buyers, allowing them to influence pricing within the secondary market and control their brand equity and image. They can also utilize various eBay platform channels to amplify their messaging, drive growth, and move inventory. On the other hand, buyers can now shop authentic luxury goods on eBay.com with confidence and certainty, as listings are identifiable via differentiated badging.

Tirath Kamdar, Global GM of Luxury at eBay, stated that “eBay’s Certified by Brand program broadens access to both buyers and brands to shop and sell luxury goods with confidence and certainty.” The program is currently available for brands and buyers located in the U.S., with more brands and authorized sellers expected to join over the next year and plans for expansion to other markets.

This new program follows the launch of eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee in the U.S. market in 2020, which currently covers sneakers, handbags, watches, jewelry, and trading cards. The introduction of “Certified by Brand” signals eBay’s continued dedication to bolstering confidence in its shopping experience for high-passion and high-value products for brands, retailers, and buyers alike.

“As the program rolls out to new partners and expands to new markets, it has the potential to reshape the resale fashion industry by fostering greater collaboration between luxury brands and online marketplaces like eBay. This partnership model could encourage other platforms to adopt similar initiatives, further legitimizing the resale market and driving its growth,” says Retail Expert, Jeanel Alvarado.

With the secondary market for premium and luxury goods experiencing significant growth in 2022, eBay’s “Certified by Brand” program provides an undeniable opportunity for brands and authorized retailers looking to scale their resale efforts and reach eBay’s 133 million active buyers.

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