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Kate McLeod Announces Retail Partnership with Sephora

Kate McLeod Announces Retail Partnership with Sephora

Kate Mcleod Announces Retail Partnership With Sephora

Kate McLeod, a former pastry chef turned beauty entrepreneur, has announced a retail partnership with on April 19, 2022. The brand is best known for its waterless, plastic-free, and zero-waste Body Stone solid moisturizers. These innovative products are designed to bring intentioned moments of self-care to everyday routines, in line with Kate’s mission statement: “A Source of Everyday Magic.”

The partnership between Kate McLeod and Sephora is part of the Clean + Planet Positive program, which focuses on environmental sustainability and mental health. As part of this initiative, Kate McLeod has launched the “Healthy Planet, Healthy Minds” program, a CSR initiative that addresses both environmental sustainability and mental health issues. The company has committed to donating 2% of its total annual revenue in 2022, split equally across environmental and mental health non-profits.

Kate McLeod’s Body Stones are highly concentrated nourishment for the skin, with a full-size Body Stone lasting 4-6 weeks and the Body Stone Minis lasting 2-3 weeks. The brand’s products are crafted in a Hudson Valley workshop, where local chefs, bakers, and makers create the products with integrity, care, and love.

Cindy Deily, VP Skincare Merchandising at Sephora, expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating that Kate McLeod’s sustainably focused Body Stone moisturizer will help clients optimize their self-care routines with products that are good for their skin and the environment. Sephora aims to introduce the brand to its community as a wonderful addition to its Clean and Planet Positive assortment.

Kate McLeod’s annual revenue is under $5 million, and the brand continues to grow with its new retail partnership with Sephora. With a focus on creating safe, effective products that promote self-care and environmental sustainability, Kate McLeod is set to make a significant impact in the beauty industry.