Nordstrom’s Green Leap: 18 Percent of Products Now Sustainable

According to their 2022 Impact Report, 18% of Nordstrom’s products are now made from sustainable materials.

Nordstrom'S Green Leap: 18 Percent Of Products Now Sustainable

According to their 2022 Impact Report, 18% of Nordstrom’s products are now made from sustainable materials. This significant stride towards eco-consciousness reflects the company’s commitment to protecting the environment and promoting ethical consumerism.

Nordstrom’s journey toward sustainability is not a recent endeavour. In April 2020, the company announced its ambitious environmental goals, which included reducing single-use plastic by 50% and using sustainably sourced raw materials in 50% of Nordstrom-made products made of polyester, cotton, and other materials. Fast forward to today, and the company is progressing steadily towards these targets.

The retailer’s sustainability initiative extends beyond just the materials used in their products. Each product in their sustainable category must meet at least one of three qualifiers: it must be made from at least 50% sustainably sourced materials, manufactured in factories that meet higher social or environmental standards, or give back with every purchase. This comprehensive approach ensures that Nordstrom’s commitment to sustainability permeates every aspect of their business, from sourcing to manufacturing to sales.

Currently, Nordstrom’s website boasts over 2,500 products from more than 90 brands, all focused on sustainability. These products range across Nordstrom’s 10+ in-house brands, all designed by an internal Nordstrom design team. The company’s commitment to expanding this list demonstrates its dedication to providing consumers with various sustainable choices.

Moreover, Nordstrom‘s sustainability efforts extend beyond its product line. The company is actively working to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions through regular investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and fuel efficiency. They also make conscious choices to conserve water, paper, and food.

Nordstrom’s commitment to sustainability is not just about meeting targets or ticking boxes. It’s about creating a sustainable initiative that focuses on the dimensions of ethical, social, environmental, cultural, and economic. It’s about ensuring the long-term success of their strategy and making a positive impact for future generations.

With 18% of their products now made from sustainable materials, they set a strong example for other retailers. As consumers become increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, Nordstrom’s commitment to sustainability positions them as a leader in the retail industry. Their journey serves as a reminder that every step towards sustainability, no matter how small, contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

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