PacSun Revamps NYC Soho Flagship Store

Pacsun Revamps Nyc Soho Flagship Store

PacSun, a leading specialty retailer in youth culture and fashion, has recently transformed its SoHo flagship store in New York City into a summer oasis. This transformation comes as a celebration of the brand’s Summer 2022 collection, featuring the newly released Etoile Monogram Capsule. The store’s new look was unveiled on May 4, 2022, showcasing the unique pattern inspired by the sand and sea of California’s coastline.

The Etoile Monogram Capsule is a fully gender-fluid collection, consisting of not only apparel but also lifestyle items and summer essentials in Aqua, Sand, and Limone. PacSun has even extended the collection to its youngest consumers with PacSun Kids, offering vibrant orange renditions of the styles.

This first-ever monogram takeover can be seen not only in the physical store but also on PacSun‘s social media and in the metaverse on PACWORLD, where 3-D layered clothing will be launched this week along with their newest rollout of the NFT series Pac Mall Rats.

PacSun’s innovative approach to engaging with its consumers is evident in the SoHo store’s transformation. Brieane Olson, President of PacSun, stated that the brand aims to authentically engage consumers and immerse them in the collection through different digital and physical touchpoints, showcasing the true intersection of fashion, technology, lifestyle, and community.

To kick off the in-person activities for consumers and guests, PacSun hosted a livestream with runway model and content creator Mathieu Simoneau, who gave a preview of the collection, store displays, and decor. Mathieu also stars in the campaign alongside style icon and entrepreneur Emma Chamberlain. Throughout the month of May, store-goers can enjoy boardwalk-like entertainment, including branded claw machines and more.

Founded in 1980 in Newport, CA, and curated in Los Angeles, PacSun continues to offer a cross-section of emerging brands and trending fashion through the lens of youth culture. The brand partners with the best brands to provide curated collections, rare and exclusive products, and creative collaborations on every level. With the recent transformation of its SoHo flagship store, PacSun demonstrates its commitment to innovation and consumer engagement in both the physical and digital worlds.