Sephora Accelerate 2024 Applications are now open

Sephora Accelerate program is taking applications from September 6th and will close on September 24th.

Sephora Accelerate 2024 Applications Are Now Open

Sephora Accelerate program is taking applications from September 6th and will close on September 24th. This initiative is a brand incubation program specifically designed to foster a community of innovative and inspirational brand founders in the beauty industry. The program is particularly focused on supporting founders who are people of color, reflecting Sephora’s commitment to the 15 Percent Pledge, an initiative aimed at ensuring that brands in the beauty industry are representative of the diverse colors, races, and ethnicities that make up the Americas.

The Sephora Accelerate program offers founders a six-month journey during which they will acquire the necessary skills to build and sustain a successful business. This is achieved through consistent, cohesive, and ongoing support, backed by both digital and in-person resources. The content and curriculum of the program are directly correlated to helping founders succeed within the Sephora ecosystem.

In addition to gaining invaluable business skills, participants in the Accelerate program will have the unique opportunity to forge a deep connection with the Sephora community and its ecosystem. This includes the chance to launch their brand with Sephora, the world’s largest beauty retailer, providing an unparalleled platform for their products.

The Accelerate program was first launched in 2016 and underwent a significant revamp in 2021 to focus exclusively on supporting BIPOC founders. This reflects Sephora’s ongoing commitment to cultivating a more diverse and inclusive beauty industry. The program features a comprehensive 360-degree, six-month curriculum that includes mentorship, merchandising support, grants, and investor connections for all participants.

Applications for the Sephora Accelerate 2024 program opened on September 6th and will close on September 25th at 4:59pm PST. Eligibility requirements include leading a North America-incorporated beauty brand company, being founded or co-founded by a person who is at least 18 years old, and being an early-stage brand not yet widely distributed. If selected, participants must be able to attend the program in its entirety from January to June.

This is an exciting opportunity for aspiring beauty brand founders to gain invaluable industry knowledge, mentorship, and support, and potentially launch their brand with one of the world’s leading beauty retailers. Apply here:

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