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Skin Care Brand Missha Launches At Saks Fifth Avenue

Skin Care Brand Missha Launches At Saks Fifth Avenue

Skin Care Brand Missha Launches At Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks announces retail partnership with Korean beauty brand, Missha. This expansion marks the first major North American department store retailer to carry Missha’s skincare assortment.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better partner for our inaugural launch into the luxury department store arena,” said Jay Ahn, Co-CEO of Missha and parent company Able C&C US. “Our partnership with Saks marks a tremendous step forward in our plan for North American expansion and is also a testament to the efficacy of Missha’s products as well as the growing k-beauty category in the U.S.”

The brand will debut in the skin care category on with the following: All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk, Missha Snail collection, Time Revolution Night Repair collection, and its iconic Time Revolution Essences, which include the Artemisia Treatment Essence, Red Algae Treatment Essence, The First Essence Enriched, and The First Essence 5X, the number one best-selling toning essence with over 11 million bottles sold worldwide.

“The Saks brand represents luxury and quality—two attributes that are at the core of Missha’s brand DNA,” said Sehoon Chang, Co-CEO of Missha and Able C&C US. “Missha strives to develop science-backed, advanced skincare solutions that deliver effective results, and we are thrilled to now be able to bring these solutions to the Saks customer.”

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