Pilates.com Spinefitter® by SISSEL® Review

A leading company in Pilates since 1976, Balanced Body has been at the forefront of promoting health and wellness through innovative equipment and education.

Pilates.com Spinefitter® By Sissel® Review

A leading company in Pilates since 1976, Balanced Body has been at the forefront of promoting health and wellness through innovative equipment and education. Founded on the belief that movement can transform lives, Balanced Body has grown from a one-man workshop to an 85,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California. The company’s CEO and founder, Ken Endelman, has been awarded 26 U.S. patents for his inventions, further solidifying Balanced Body’s reputation as a pioneer in the field.

One of the company’s most notable products sold on their website is the Spinefitter® by SISSEL® and Spinefitter Linum Kit, an innovative physical therapy and training device. This unique tool is designed to combine relaxation and effective training into a single unit, providing deep, intensive pressure on both sides of the spine. The Spinefitter consists of 28 interconnected balls that help relieve tension and improve joint mobility through deep pressure.

It specifically targets the vertebral joints of the spine, helping to decrease blockages through movement. Encased in a 100% cotton black cover, this device can be heated, used at room temperature, or chilled for a refreshing cold treatment. Join us as we delve deeper into the features and benefits of the Sissel Spinefitter Linum.

Pilates.com Spinefitter® By Sissel® Review

“I was plagued by persistent back pain and found solace in the firm pressure of a lacrosse ball. I would spend considerable time each day using a lacrosse ball to massage my back, even going as far as taping two balls together, forming a figure-eight or peanut-like shape that could better target my spine. This process was time-consuming, requiring me to shift positions every couple of minutes to ensure all areas along my spine were addressed, taking up to 15 minutes daily,” said Sam Ohemeng, Nurse Practitioner.

Pilates.com Spinefitter® By Sissel® Review

“Then, I discovered The Spinefitter, its design is reminiscent of my homemade solution, but it’s far superior in its coverage and effectiveness. It covers the entire length of my spine, from the lower back right up to the neck.The device hits just the right pressure points, providing much-needed relief from my persistent back pain. Now, I use it 2-3 times a day, and it has not only alleviated my pain but also allowed me to engage in other activities like sit-ups and leg raises. This multifunctional product has made it an integral part of my daily routine, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the results.”

Pilates.com Spinefitter® By Sissel® Review

In addition to their Spinefitter® by SISSEL®  innovative products, Balanced Body also provides comprehensive resources for Pilates equipment and instructor education. They believe in supporting their customers every step of the way, from equipment to learning to listening. This commitment to customer support and education is part of Balanced Body’s promise to help individuals move better and live better.

Balanced Body’s dedication to quality is evident in their range of Pilates Reformers, known for their sturdy, smooth, and functional design. The Balanced Body Allegro Reformer, for instance, offers a flexible design to suit a range of body shapes and storage options. For those who frequent a Pilates studio but aren’t ready to commit to a reformer in their living room, Balanced Body’s MOTR mimics the reformer’s pulley system for resistance training and is very compact.

Final Verdict

Balanced Body continues to lead the way in promoting health and wellness through innovative products like the Spinefitter by SISSEL and comprehensive educational resources. It is an effective fitness tool we would highly recommend to anyone seeking relief from muscle tension or discomfort near the spine. Its unique design allows it to be used as both a heating and cooling pad, providing targeted treatment to the muscles. The linseed contours enhance its effectiveness, ensuring that the relief provided is precise and beneficial. Whether you’re using it at room temperature to diffuse pressure points or heated to increase the effectiveness of your training, this fitness device truly delivers. Learn more about Spinefitter® by SISSEL® on www.pilates.com.

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