Bella Hadid Is the New Face of Swarovski

Bella Hadid Is The New Face Of Swarovski

Swarovski, the world-renowned crystal and jewelry brand, announced Bella Hadid as its new face in May 2022. The American supermodel was appointed as the brand ambassador earlier that year and has since starred in Swarovski’s Holiday 2022 campaign. The campaign, which debuted on October 18, 2022, showcases Hadid in festive ensembles adorned with bright colors and bows, reflecting the spirit of the holiday season.

The Swarovski brand is owned by the Gernot Langes-Swarovski family and has been a symbol of elegance and luxury for over a century. Founded in 1895 in Austria, the company designs, manufactures, and sells high-quality crystal, gemstones, Swarovski Created Diamonds, zirconia, jewelry, accessories, as well as crystal objects and home accessories. The brand’s logo, featuring the famous Swarovski Swan, was created in 1988 and has become synonymous with the company’s identity.

Under the creative direction of Giovanna Engelbert, the new Swarovski campaign captures the transformative and versatile nature of Swarovski Crystals through diverse expressions of style. Bella Hadid’s multifaceted personality and transformative look serve as a muse for the campaign, embodying the multidimensional mindset of a fresh fashion mentality. The campaign celebrates Swarovski’s brand codes of color and the octagon, symbolizing the facets of precision-cut crystal and encouraging self-expression.

The portraits of Bella Hadid in the campaign are framed by colored crystal apertures cut in the octagonal shape of the brand’s logo, packaging, and signature Millenia Family. Each color theme chosen for the portraits is extracted from the inner hues of the crystal and employed to reflect a different aspect of the model’s personality and look. In turn, the images celebrate the facets of Swarovski Crystal, the brand’s color codes, and collections.

Bella Hadid’s appointment as the new face of Swarovski reflects the brand’s commitment to celebrating individuality and modern glamour. As a multifaceted character who evades the boxes of rules and conformity, Hadid perfectly conveys the values of Swarovski. The campaign invites people to express every side of themselves through inspiring and playful interpretations of personalities, accessorized with the latest jewelry creations in fresh combinations.

Swarovski’s dedication to sustainability and positive social impact is also an integral part of its heritage. The company focuses on youth-focused education programs and foundations to promote human empowerment and conserve natural resources. With Bella Hadid as the new face of Swarovski, the brand continues to enchant the world with its magical and captivating creations.