Takashi Yanagi To Bring LED Light Therapy To Mainstream With US and Canada Retail Partnerships

Dermabeam is a light therapy company born out of Los Angeles, California.

Takashi Yanagi To Bring Led Light Therapy To Mainstream With Us And Canada Retail Partnerships

Dermabeam is a light therapy company born out of Los Angeles, California. Founded by Takashi Yanagi who was inspired to create the company after experiencing the life-transforming benefits of light therapy. Dermabeam offers a variety of sleek light therapy devices that offer a multitude of health benefits including improvements in skin complexion, cellular energy, and overall longevity while maintaining an excellent safety profile. These benefits have been published over 6,000 times in the National Library of Medicine for a variety of conditions. Still, light therapy has been severely underutilized in modern society due to a lack of awareness and education.

Takashi Yanagi To Bring Led Light Therapy To Mainstream With Us And Canada Retail Partnerships

Their best-selling product is a light therapy mask called the Dermabeam Pro. It boasts a cordless, rechargeable, powerful, comfortable, and lightweight mask that uses LED light therapy technology to help fight problematic skin, and best of all, it’s now available at an affordable price.

Takashi Yanagi To Bring Led Light Therapy To Mainstream With Us And Canada Retail Partnerships

Takashi Yanagi To Bring Led Light Therapy To Mainstream With Us And Canada Retail Partnerships

Meet Takashi Yanagi, Founder of Dermabeam

Takashi Yanagi, the CEO and Founder of Dermabeam, struggled with acne and eczema for over 20 years before he discovered the healing power of phototherapy. Now, his mission is to share the benefits of light therapy with the world and offer the best devices possible. With Dermabeam, you can enjoy clear skin and improved health in just minutes a day.

“Light therapy allowed my skin to heal, and I got my confidence back. This inspired me to create Dermabeam and we’re on a mission to spread the benefits of light therapy worldwide,” said Mr. Yanagi.

We sat down with Takashi for an exclusive interview at Beauty Connect West, to learn more about his innovative LED light therapy masks…

What is your inspiration behind Dermabeam, and why should beauty enthusiasts add LED light therapy to their skincare routine? 

My inspiration comes from my personal healing journey of learning what works and what doesn’t for my skin. During the lowest points of my life, I was debilitated in my bed because severe rashes had exploded all over my body. I desperately searched for solutions and stumbled upon light therapy. I began learning the biochemistry of how the wavelengths in light can photoactivate the terminal enzymes (cytochrome C oxidase) in the electron transport chain allowing for more ATP production which means extracellular energy for skin cells. This accelerates wound healing and reduces inflammation. Light therapy allowed me to heal quickly and regain my life back. Now, I use it daily for healthy skin maintenance and encourage everyone to add it to their skincare routine. It’s not only great for skin but also helps to reduce overall inflammation and improve longevity because your cells are energized to perform optimally!

Who is the ideal customer of Dermabeam products and what role does skin-type or skin concern play into selection of the right LED color? 

Even though my customers are mostly women, everyone can benefit from light therapy and my goal is to make it mainstream. Whether you are suffering from acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, or just want skin rejuvenation, Dermabeam can help energize your skin cells to achieve a more youthful complexion. Dermabeam can be applied to any skin-type and the different colors target different layers of the skin from red hitting the deepest layer to produce collagen (less wrinkles) to blue causing free radical damage inside acne bacteria to kill them off!

What does Dermabeam offer that other competitors in the market do not, when it comes to light therapy technology?

Dermabeam offers award-winning features at more affordable prices. We offer eye protection goggles, a cordless design, a touch sensor to change the colors, a glasses design to protect your hair, and lightweight materials to offer you the most comfortable and user-friendly mask in the world. We’re also over $100 cheaper than the leading competitors who are priced at $400 to $2000 thus fulfilling our mission of making light therapy devices affordable for the average consumer.

What did you hope to gain from being selected as the Spotlight Indie Brand (Skincare Tool) at Beauty Connect West this year?

We gained a tremendous amount of brand awareness among investors and retail stores, and met other amazing founders who we can learn from as mentors. We’re very happy with the connections we made and the symbiotic relationships we formed for the future! We’re also manifesting more beauty awards and are excited to win more.

How has the journey of Dermabeam’s raising capital gone so far? What are you currently investing the funds into?

We’re a bootstrapped company so far and revinest all profits back into the business. We’ve hired a PR firm and they’re helping us get into numerous holiday gift guides. We’ve also hired an affiliate agency to expand our network and exposure. When the time is right, we will raise capital from strategic investors with retail connections.

Do you have any exciting company news to share upcoming for Dermabeam?

We’re excited to announce partnerships with  TJ Maxx and Best Buy Canada. We’ve also won 2 awards from Wellspa 360 for the Best Mindfulness Aid and Best Retail Gift categories. We’re manifesting more retail stores and beauty awards in the near future!

If you could be on any retailers shelves, which one would you choose and why?

We’re very confident we’ll be in all of the major retail stores in the future. I won’t pick one, but we’re manifesting Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Walmart, and Target and won’t stop until we get there!