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Target Accelerators select 10 Brands For Takeoff Beauty Cohort

Target Accelerators select 10 Brands For Takeoff Beauty Cohort

Target Accelerators Select 10 Brands For Takeoff Beauty Cohort

Target Accelerators, a premier accelerator for retail startups, has announced the selection of 10 innovative beauty brands for its 2021 Takeoff Beauty Cohort. The program aims to support emerging consumer packaged goods companies in scaling into mass retail through curated education, personalized resources, and relationships with industry-leading retail leaders, mentors, and partners.

The first Takeoff program of 2021 kicked off on February 22nd, focusing on various aspects of the beauty category, including cosmetics, haircare, skincare, sun care, and more. The 100% virtual program will run for five weeks, offering participants a mass retail curriculum and in-depth mentorship from Target leaders, industry experts, and alumni.

The 10 selected brands for Target‘s 2021 Takeoff Beauty Cohort are:

1. APTO Skincare: Offering in-house formulated and manufactured skincare products that are clean, simple, fun, and affordable.
2. Dear Brightly: Aiming to close the gap between dermatologists and everyday people.
3. Sweat Cosmetics: An athleisure beauty brand creating high-performance, foundational products at an accessible price point.
4. TINGE: A body beauty brand reimagining beauty inclusive of the body.
5. Undefined Beauty: A clean, conscious, inclusive plant magic brand aiming to democratize wellness and destigmatize plant-based solutions.
6. Yubi Beauty: Simplified beauty tools for busy women.
7. Gemini Naturals: A hair care brand offering a safe temporary hair color solution.
8. Huppy: A personal care revolution focused on smiles without plastic and toxic ingredients.
9. Jupiter: Elevated scalp care essentials with purpose.
10. Sassy Hair Cap: A beauty brand offering 2-in-1 satin hair bonnets to help maintain hairstyles throughout the day, night, and even in the shower.

These brands will benefit from Target’s expertise and mentorship, helping them deepen their retail knowledge and expand their presence in the market. The Takeoff Beauty Cohort is an excellent opportunity for these emerging brands to learn, grow, and make a significant impact in the beauty industry.