Two Black female founders launched a new tech platform to transform the way brands work

Lanor, is the go-to all in one the platform for your products, team, payments & shipments.

Two Black Female Founders Launched A New Tech Platform To Transform The Way Brands Work

Lanor, is the go-to all in one the platform for your products, team, payments & shipments. The tech startup co-founded by two Black female founders, Onanma Okeke, CEO and Abiola Doherty, CTO, met on clubhouse through a chance encounter, unknowingly they both had mutual friends. They took the conversation offline, and the birth of Lanor began with their friendship and passion of reimagining the way retail teams work.

“At the time I was working at Torrid, a billion dollar plus size retail company as a data analyst, which I started during the pandemic and was so shocked and overwhelmed with the amount of data and assets my co-workers were dealing with and how difficult it was for them together virtually on physical products. (No one tells you how complex the retail industry is), Doherty continues, “This got me wondering why there weren’t any modern solutions. This is when Onanma Okeke came up with the wonderful idea of product management for retail teams so they can manage and work together way better. It was a no brainer for us to join forces and we started building away immediately.”

Lanor provides product management solutions for retail teams by streamlining three main areas of concern during a product’s lifecycle including workflowlogistics and payments.

  1. Workflow – Make better product decisions and go-to market faster. See what’s going on through the product cycle: plan and build your products, hit those milestones, and launch with ease.
  2. Logistics – Tracking your goods from factory to warehouse. Get incoming updates, precise tracking, and follow the full journey in real time, features include precise smart tracking technology, automated email updates  and each shipment is linked to a product so you can see the specs like SKU, check the order status all in one place.
  3. Payments – Automate, and auto-detect invoices. Pay your suppliers directly from a bank account or through Lanor’s flexible financing option. Link and sync your goods and see how much you are spending on suppliers and/or wholesalers for a specific product or host of products on your Workflow dashboard. Easily turn product spend insights into action.

The product management platform brings together everything under one tool and can integrate with leading apps such as Shopify, Gmail, DropBox, Google Drive, Excel, Slack and Outlook more.

CEO & Co-founder, Onanma Okeke started her own fashion brand at 15 and was feature in Vanity Fair and multiple fashion weeks. She went on to go to do her Fashion Design Undergrad at FIT and worked for brands like Rosie Assoulin as a fashion designer post-college. She then transitioned into tech helping build and scale digital products as a designer and worked for Nike, Reddit & Petal. In her past life, she owned and operated a design agency, partnering with VC firms and their portfolio companies.

CTO & Co-founder, Abiola Doherty, majored in Applied Mathematics but always had her hand in entrepreneurship by starting various businesses and raising money for her initiatives from the Clinton Global Initiative. Upon graduating, she worked at JP Morgan as a Business Analyst did the traditional route of becoming an engineer and lived in NY for a few years before deciding to venture into the unknown and create her own career path with ideas she believed in. It was during her experience working at Torrid, a plus fashion retailer as a data analyst she got her first hand experience in working within the complex fashion industry.

“After a few months of being in private beta, Lanor is officially available to everyone. We are welcoming 400+ brands off our waitlist. This is only the beginning.” said Onanma Okeke

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