Delavie Sciences: Skincare with Space Certified Technology™

Delavie Sciences, a pioneering skincare company, is making waves in the industry with its innovative approach to skin restoration.

Delavie Sciences: Skincare With Space Certified Technology™

Delavie Sciences, a pioneering skincare company, is making waves in the industry with its innovative approach to skin restoration. The company’s groundbreaking Aeonia collection, which utilizes technology researched by astronauts aboard the International Space Station, is the first biological cosmetic to be recognized as Space Certified Technology™ by the Space Foundation™. This unique blend of science and nature offers customers a truly one-of-a-kind skincare experience that transcends any offering in the current market.

Delavie Sciences: Skincare With Space Certified Technology™

A former food scientist, Dr. Landry was recruited to do postdoctoral research by Dr. David Sinclair, a renowned geneticist known for his work on understanding why we age and how to slow its effects. Together, they initiated a partnership with government space agencies to address concerns associated with long-duration space travel. This collaboration led to the discovery of Bacillus Lysate, a novel extremophile organism that exhibits enhanced age-defying and UV protection properties.

Delavie Sciences: Skincare With Space Certified Technology™

The Aeonia collection, which includes the Age Defying Serum and Eye Refresh, harnesses the power of Bacillus Lysate to tackle common skin concerns such as wrinkles, acne, dry skin, and dullness. These products are designed to brighten, hydrate, and provide a variety of benefits, depending on the type of serum used. They have been clinically shown to restore moisture to the skin and improve visible signs of aging such as fine lines, dark spots, dullness, and wrinkles.

Delavie Sciences: Skincare With Space Certified Technology™

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Kyle Landry, PhD, President and Co-founder of Delavie Sciences, to delve deeper into the company’s journey, its cutting-edge research, and the future of skincare. Stay tuned to learn more about how Delavie Sciences is harnessing the power of Bacillus Lysate and other key ingredients to revolutionize skincare.

1. Dr. Landry, as the president of Delavie, what was your vision for the company and how has it evolved?

My vision has always been to bring effective, game-changing products to the market; however, the path to get here was not straightforward. Initially, we were focused on developing ingredients, which set the precedent for our research and development pipeline. I began brainstorming with David Sinclair, a Harvard Medical School professor, longevity expert, and Delavie Sciences co-founder. We discussed how to best innovate and amplify our ingredients with recent discoveries in longevity. This led to the creation of Aeonia, a line of skincare products that are clinically proven to help minimize the signs of aging with our patented, Space Certified TechnologyTM technology. We were able to pioneer powerful products by relying on our extensive scientific backgrounds to curate products with ingredients that work synergistically. Our next goal is to launch additional novel, patented ingredients that continue to target common skin concerns.

2. Can you (both – or one) elaborate on the unique Space Certified Technology™ used in your products? How does this technology set Delavie apart from other skincare brands?


Delavie Sciences’ first ingredient is Bacillus Lysate, Space Certified Technology™ born from the space program. This ingredient is special because it addresses many accelerators of skin aging–including UV damage, hyaluronic acid production, and enzyme activation such as Sirutin1. Bacillus Lysate is able to protect the skin and enhance its ability to fight against such accelerators. The ingredient is exclusive to Delavie Sciences and protected under our patents. Current practices in the beauty space are to rely on ingredients readily found on the market. Bacillus Lysate, on the other hand, can only be found in our Aeonia line. This has and will continue to set Delavie apart, as we continue researching and developing cutting-edge technology.

3. Dr. Landry, can you share some insights into the clinical trials of the Age Defying Serum? What were the key findings regarding its effectiveness in decreasing fine lines and wrinkles?

Delavie Sciences: Skincare With Space Certified Technology™

We performed two 28-day clinical trials, completed at two third-party locations with more than 60 subjects total varying skin types and ages 35-70 years. The clinical trials consisted of expert grading, subjective questionnaires, instrumental data, self-recorded testimonies, and photograph analysis.

The Age Defying Serum was found to increase skin moisture by 39% immediately after application, which continued to increase over time with daily use. Additionally, Skin elasticity and firmness dramatically improved over the duration of the study with 100% of subjects agreeing that their skin was “smoother and more refined” after 28-days of use. Fine lines and wrinkles were reduced by up to 60% over the course of the trials and 100% of subjects agreed that “skin texture is improved”. A surprising find was the impact on hyperpigmentation. During the study, test subjects commented on the effect of the product on their hyperpigmentation; specifically, subjects with darker skin tones all stated that their hyperpigmentation was dramatically reduced or completely gone, which was a happy surprise.

Thus, we returned to the lab and found that the serum reduced enzymes linked to hyperpigmentation (tyrosinase) and reduced melanin production by 46% in tissue culture models. It was amazing to see how in-lab data demonstrated the results from the clinical trials. Subjects also like the packaging, dispensing, and texture of the product: 97% agreed “I love the results of this product and would add it to my skincare routine”.

4. The Eye Refresh product sold out within a day of its launch. To what do you attribute this overwhelming response?

Delavie Sciences: Skincare With Space Certified Technology™

Being a new brand in a crowded space, it is hard to predict how a new product will fair in the market. We were very delighted to see the response to our eye cream. I believe the innovation, quality and clinically-backed evidence of our products resonates with consumers. The Aeonia Eye Refresh is jam-packed with functional ingredients that work with Bacillus Lysate to target aging concerns in the eye area. The story and science behind the ingredients are literally out of this world and so are the benefits. Like the serum, 100% of clinical trial subjects liked “the texture of the product” and 96% had “healthy and more youthful skin” after daily use. The Eye Refresh is clinically proven to increase hydration while reducing puffiness, dark circles, dark spots, and undereye bags along with general fine lines and wrinkles. The metal applicator also helps cool and sooth the undereye area as well—its great for the added massage!

5. Kaley Cuoco is known to be a fan of your brand. How does having such high-profile endorsements impact the perception of Delavie Sciences?

It is great to see wide acceptance of our brand. We are always surprised to see who is using our products and how it is changing their skin. There are a few high-profile individuals who have been using our products and when they share their actual thoughts it puts more drive in us to bring the next big thing to skincare.

6. Looking ahead, what are some of the future plans for Delavie Sciences? Are there any new innovative products in the pipeline?

We are continuing to expand the Aeonia line and will be releasing a sculpting cream, an overnight eye repair cream, and a serum formulated specifically for people with sensitive skin. These products will all feature the Space Certified TechnologyTM. After completing the Aeonia line, we have two additional exclusive, patented ingredients that will be featured in future lines. One is an enzyme mixture David Sinclair and I patented at Harvard Medical School. The unique enzymes will be incorporated into cleansers and treatments to breakdown oil, clean pores, and remove the daily grime that accumulates on the skin. The second ingredient is a novel protein that improves cell viability while protecting from environmental stressors like salt and pollution. The innovation does not stop there, we will continue to research and develop products and ingredients in the beauty space that are efficacious, novel, and backed by science. That is what Delavie is all about.

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