Dominique Boseman talks redefining Clean Beauty with Vegan skincare

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The clean beauty founder, Dominique Boseman experienced her fair share of skin concerns before she set out to solve her own skincare issues. After suffering from eczema for most of her life and not finding relief from the products on the market, she made her own beauty line, Spraise made of clean beauty approved ingredients. 

Inspired by the most loving woman I know, my grandmother Odessa, an “Ode” is a song of love. The “Odes to Self” take us out of our head and into our heart, as we remember we are worthy of praise. SPRAISE® was created to reimagine what it means to care for our skin. For women & mothers like myself who are short on time, but know the importance of clean beauty, I wanted to give us a pause (a spraisebreak).  A moment to honor our bodies and empower ourselves (even if it is just for a minute in the shower). 

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