How Spraise Founder Dominique Boseman Launched Into JCPenney

How Spraise Founder Dominique Boseman Launched Into Jcpenney

Dominique Covington Boseman, a former human rights attorney, turned her passion for helping people into a quest to create beauty products “without sacrifice” for women of color. After struggling with eczema, dry skin, and sensitive skin, she decided to look to nature and self-care to create her own formulas. This led to the birth of Skin Deep, a natural body care brand that she officially launched in 2015 and overhauled in 2018 to prepare it for retail.

Skin Deep entered four Whole Foods stores in Georgia in February, where Boseman currently lives in Marietta, and is set to roll out to three additional stores at the grocery chain in November. The brand offers a tight selection of three products priced from $11.99 to $18.99: Body Scrub, Body Wash, and Body Souffle. Boseman believes that for beauty to be truly accessible and inclusive, women of color should have many brands to choose from that reflect their culture, beauty, and standards.

In addition to Skin Deep, Dominique Covington Boseman also founded SPRAISE, a brand that aims to nourish the skin with healthy, affordable, and effective products. She launched SPRAISE because of her own challenges with eczema and sensitive skin, and wanted to create a beauty ritual when it came to caring for her skin. SPRAISE has now joined Thirteen Lune, an online platform that curates and sells brown and black-owned beauty products.

Thirteen Lune, which is supported by JCPenney, provides guidance on scaling and mentorship to BIPOC brands like SPRAISE. Meg Jones serves as the Beauty Advisor and Thirteen Lune Brand Ambassador for JCPenney Beauty. As Skin Deep continues to grow, Boseman hopes to secure outside capital to support expansion and dreams of having her products available at Ulta Beauty.

With her dedication to creating healthy, affordable, and luxurious beauty products, Dominique Covington Boseman is making a significant impact in the world of beauty, particularly for women of color. Through her brands Skin Deep and SPRAISE, and their inclusion in Thirteen Lune’s curated range, she is helping to make beauty more accessible and inclusive for all.

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