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Glendale California Retail Program Offers Free Space

Glendale California Retail Program Offers Free Space

Glendale California Retail Program Offers Free Space

In an effort to attract retailers, the city of Glendale is offering free rent for pop-ups on the Artsakh Paseo, a pedestrian area on North Artsakh Avenue between Wilson and Broadway.

The City of Glendale is looking for retailers to complement its Arts & Entertainment District vision. Retailers are invited to apply to participate in the Artsakh Creative Pilot Program, consisting of a short-term rental of City-owned commercial tenant space on Artsakh Ave.

Retailers chosen for the program, known as the Artsakh Creative Retail Pop-Up Pilot Program, will occupy city-owned space on Artsakh Avenue with no financial investment. The city will handle maintenance and utilities, the retailer will only be required to supply and decorate the interior of the space.

Soua Vang, Glendale’s Deputy Director of Community Development – Economic Development, said the program was a “testing ground for many retailers.”
“We wanted to create an opportunity for these entrepreneurs,” she said.
The retailers go through a competitive process before being chosen for the space, at which point they receive six months of free rent, Vang said to Los Angeles Business Journal.

We are looking for emerging entrepreneurs to come and stay in our city,” Vang added. “The city of Glendale, we are emerging as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship and in order to get them to stay in our city we need” spaces like Artsakh Avenue.

Selected businesses will be allowed to operate rent-free for a period of one to six months in one of the following City-owned units below or take a virtual tour:

  • 117 N. Artsakh Ave.,
  • 123 N. Artsakh Ave.,
  • 127 N. Artsakh Ave. and,
  • 131 N. Artsakh Ave

The type of retailers to be considered include Specialty Food or Retail: i.e., Cheese Shops, Wine, Olive Oil, Soap, Jewelry, Clothing and Gift or Antique Shops, Maker space, studio, and alcoholic beverage sales.

There have been two rounds of the pilot program, and four applicants have chosen in each round, applications are open ongoing, learn more about the program here.