RETAILBOSS provides mentorship for Canadian Retail Tech Accelerator

Retailboss Provides Mentorship For Canadian Retail Tech Accelerator

NYC’s premiere acceleration program for international startups, WEVE Acceleration partnered with the Government of Canada, to run the annual Canadian Tech Accelerator in New York x WEVE Program for seven growth stage Canadian startups who are looking to expand into the US market. Formerly known as NUMA New York, WEVE enjoys more than twenty years of experience introducing the world’s most promising startups to the world’s largest market. Since opening their NYC office in 2017, WEVE programs has accelerated over 120 startups from 25 different nationalities, and counting!

For the second year in a row, WEVE Acceleration has leaned on expertise from RETAILBOSS INC., Founder & CEO, Jeanel Alvarado as a mentor to provide founders with insider advice and expert feedback on products entering the US market. WEVE Acceleration startups benefit from a targeted US-expansion curriculum, 1:1 mentorship, and introductions to a warm network of top US investors, corporates, and entrepreneurs. The program runs from June 6th 2022 until September 15th 2022, where RETAILBOSS will provide 30-min mentorship calls to four out of the seven participants, see program guide here. This year, mentorship will be provided from RETAILBOSS specifically to the following four Retail Tech Startups:

  1. Reupp, is an end-to-end software solution that enables your buy-back program and circular commerce.
  2. Intuitive Shopping, if a built-in shipping option offered to e-commerce platforms enabling a full suite of tools to go head-to-head with the complexities of shipping.
  3. Braiyt AI Inc., is an all-in-one footfall analytics solution for retail, commercial, and public spaces that captures data about customer interactions with a business using existing cameras and without using biometric data.
  4. ScanTranx, is a cloud-based omnichannel retail solution that helps businesses increase sales, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer experience by integrating online and in-store sales.