Gymshark is opening its first flagship store

Gymshark Is Opening Its First Flagship Store

Gymshark, a renowned British fitness apparel and accessories brand, has taken a significant step forward by opening its first-ever flagship store. Located on the prestigious Regent Street in London, this milestone marks a new chapter for the company that was founded just a decade ago by Ben Francis from his parent’s home.

The grand opening of Gymshark London took place on Saturday, 29th October 2022, transforming the brand from an online retailer to an omni-channel presence. The 18,000-square-foot store spans two floors and is housed at 165 Regent Street, which was previously occupied by J. Crew. Gymshark signed a 10-year lease with The Crown Estate, the landlord of Regent Street, to secure this prime location.

The flagship store is designed to be more than just a retail space; it is a community hub and a gym all rolled into one. The ground floor features a “sweat room” where customers can book daily group fitness classes, while the first floor, known as The Hub, hosts free sessions, tutorials, and one-to-ones with personal trainers. This multi-use space also serves as a venue for guest speakers, events, inspiring talks, and athlete meet and greets.

Gymshark‘s first permanent store stays true to its gym-loving messaging. Clothing rails carrying the brand’s staple tank tops, hoodies, and leggings double up as functioning squat racks. The store’s interior can be converted into a gym space within 15 minutes, thanks to merchandise on rollers that can be wheeled away and other products hoisted up on an overhead gantry.

Founder Ben Francis envisions Gymshark as a 100-year brand, aiming to make gym-based exercise accessible to both beginners and experienced athletes. The company’s chief brand officer, Noel Mack, shares the ambition of making Gymshark the biggest British international brand ever, with potential expansion plans including flagships on 5th Avenue and the Champs Elysées or small click-and-collect spots around the world.

As Gymshark opens its doors to the public, it sets the stage for a unique and special retail experience that combines fitness, community, and shopping under one roof. With its first flagship store now open, the brand is poised to make a lasting impact on the global fitness apparel market.