Hermès Opens New Store In The Largest Mall In Florida Aventura Mall

Hermès Opens New Store In The Largest Mall In Florida Aventura Mall

On October 1st, Hermès opened a new store in the Aventura Mall, the largest mall in the state of Florida, located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The store expands Hermès’ presence in Florida with a space inspired by the unique coastal landscape.

Robert B. Chavez, Hermès USA President and C.E.O., comments: “We are excited to evolve and expand Hermès’ commitment to southern Florida. It’s an honor to be part of the Aventura Mall, a unique mall distinctive for its sophisticated blend of commerce and culture, including world-class art installations.” The space fuses the coastal atmosphere of Miami Beach – alongside the colors of its sky, sand and water – with Hermès’ French spirit. The house sought to soften the store’s angles with unexpected curves and sculpted spaces that recall Miami’s seaside atmosphere and the ocean’s ability to carve and mold land- scapes over time. The design of the store itself has been entrusted to RDAI, the Parisian architecture agency.

Customers enter the store through an undulating glass façade reminiscent of the waves of the sea and framed in metal in a warm shade of pink. Across the threshold, the floor echoes the shape of the façade in dense pink terrazzo that softens as one ventures further into the store. The colorful silk collection for women and men greets customers upon their arrival, with Hermès’ signature scarves floating on three rounded wooden grids. Located near this section, is the leather and equestrian area. As clients enter further into the store, they will find a large shoe salon connecting to an intimate ready- to-wear space for women and men. Sand-colored carpets, pink cherry wood accents and leather furnishings, ranging from blush to coral, act as an aesthetic path to the various salons, including fashion jewelry, perfumes, beauty, and collections for the home.

Standing as a central oasis in a vibrant shade of blue is the watches and jewelry area. Its walls, paneled in a sparkling, textured gradient of hand-painted ocean blues, and its deep blue rug, contrast with the serene neutral colors of the surrounding salons, including the brushed light wood and sanded oak wood paneling in the fitting and VIP rooms. The Grecques lights, especially designed for the house in 1925 in a Greek key pattern with molded glass globes, detail the leather, shoe and the women’s and men’s ready-to-wear areas, connecting Hermès’ most contemporary vernacular with its history.

With each new store, the house seeks to develop the conversation between local elements, its French heritage and time-tested know-how. The Aventura store celebrates the allure of the region’s unique tropical landscape with an ambience intended to welcome and engage new visitors and Hermès clients.